October 29th, 2017
N706 State Road 113 • Lodi, Wisconsin 53555

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1NameVideoLot #SexConsignorPicture
2Marda Asti 73243ede2ElmLY1AHeiferMarda Angus Farms
3Marda Asti 726lx3yJLoIsZQ1BHeiferMarda Angus Farms
4Marda Pride 737RMFvkmdKkHw2HeiferMarda Angus Farms
5Marda Elona 727fS13mhImbkw3HeiferMarda Angus Farms
6Marda Blackbird Ursa 714oh2JXBklXSs4HeiferMarda Angus Farms
7Marda Blackbird 610F0hRoLb01e85HeiferMarda Angus Farms
8Marda Blackbird 7124n3cisPoH5fg5AHeiferMarda Angus Farms
9Marda BlackbirdkEHeBWLi9Xc5BHeifer PregnancyMarda Angus Farms
10Marda Blackcap May6Heifer PregnancyMarda Angus Farms
11Marda Lady 75L1NFKVzdmh87HeiferMarda Angus Farms
12Marda Everelda Entense 725a-aqw__h-Wo8HeiferMarda Angus Farms
13Prairie Marsh Pride 723dthpT4N8ofo9HeiferMarda Angus Farms
14Marda Forever Lady 773vXR6ii34HU10HeiferMarda Angus Farms
15Marda Forever Lady 721-mphTbedjL811HeiferMarda Angus Farms
16Marda Blackcap 79FTD86t4CvTA12HeiferMarda Angus Farms
17Marda Jean 5131 [ OHP ]Sg88YB2mnus13Bred HeiferMarda Angus Farms
18Marda Elona 64 [ OHP ]xzQjizdtfC414Bred HeiferMarda Angus Farms
19Marda Blossom 619N54xk9HoPV815Bred HeiferMarda Angus Farms
20Prairie Marsh Blackbird UrsajM5CsQlOUZQ16Bred HeiferMarda Angus Farms
21Marda Blackbird Ursa 626zSNfSSa8sy817Bred HeiferMarda Angus Farms
22Marda Lass 617SHQ_03dC2S018Bred HeiferMarda Angus Farms
23Marda Blossom 631R8Zallg6sSU19Bred HeiferMarda Angus Farms
24Marda Blackbird 618zzrLwaCeKtw20Bred HeiferMarda Angus Farms
25Marda Blackbird 68n6NX_R6akVU21Bred HeiferMarda Angus Farms
26Marda Lady 5123JKiZIYD_uSw22Cow/Calf PairMarda Angus Farms
27Marda Blossom 5117xElsAF_umMs23Cow/Calf PairMarda Angus Farms
28Marda Rikki Tikki 5108 [ OHP ]YUO_aej_YDQ24Cow/Calf PairMarda Angus Farms
29Marda Forever Lady 515 [ OSF ]ma2A8gcfv4s25Bred CowMarda Angus Farms
30Marda Pride 333uXt6ECB_LF826Bred CowMarda Angus Farms
31Marda Hazel 446 [ OHP ]1Uu24ovpas827Bred CowMarda Angus Farms
32PVA Blackcap D184NRMwX9JSgrk28Bred CowMarda Angus Farms
33Freeburg Miss Bird 5-51 [ OHP ]JaGXWj-Zs0k29Bred CowJohnson Family Cattle
34JFCC Altitude 7509vstIEgbQhY30SteerJohnson Family Cattle
35Premier Forever Lady 602MVCJVIM4g4M31Bred HeiferPremier Angus
36Premier Pride 705hOR_vj-Ai1U32HeiferPremier Angus
37Spring Creeks Beauty 7033YCn1dL3K2Os33HeiferSpring Creeks Cattle Co.
38Spring Creeks Emulation 70978Mei_U2uUpU34HeiferSpring Creeks Cattle Co.
39Spring Creek Miss Bando 7034qcaBykdNYDE35HeiferSpring Creeks Cattle Co.
40Spring Creeks Lucy 6050eppQoPbt94Y36Bred HeiferSpring Creeks Cattle Co.
41Spring Creeks Ruth 6009 [ DDF ]j9DbvXLyq-k37Bred HeiferSpring Creeks Cattle Co.
42Spring Creeks Miss Explorerj4HKRPC7Mbo38Bred HeiferSpring Creeks Cattle Co.
43Spring Creeks BarbaramereOVCsNw8lT9k39Bred HeiferSpring Creeks Cattle Co.
44Spring Creeks Effie 6013tF8WZ1Xt3Nc40Bred HeiferSpring Creeks Cattle Co.
45Spring Creeks Princess 6148 [ M1F-OHF ]LJKbqvzZrU041Bred HeiferSpring Creeks Cattle Co.
46Spring Creeks Blackcap Lady [ OHF ]KWobDMxm6GY42Bred HeiferSpring Creeks Cattle Co.
47Spring Creeks Miss Beauty [ OHF ]-0DI3Lyl8XI43Bred HeiferSpring Creeks Cattle Co.
48Spring Creeks Emulation 6093t_qiV8MeRNY44Bred HeiferSpring Creeks Cattle Co.
49Spring Creeks Lass 0334ubaAjiM1pUI45Bred HeiferSpring Creeks Cattle Co.
50Spring Creeks Blossom 6091oNlKZUVusk846Bred HeiferSpring Creeks Cattle Co.
51Spring Creeks Rose 61716EEDC13m1iY47Bred HeiferSpring Creeks Cattle Co.
52Spring Creeks Foxie 6163 [ DDF ]mbtgmOzGvK448Bred HeiferSpring Creeks Cattle Co.
53SPRNG CRKS Elite 417Y [ DDF ]1g_fPxYXl6k49Bred CowSpring Creeks Cattle Co.
54Spring Ceeks Elite 7098 [ DDP ]4WM6E3UN4e449AHeifer - Show ProspectSpring Creeks Cattle Co.
55SPRNG CRKS Lassie 0118 [ DDF ]a9S6ZdvvO1E50Bred CowSpring Creeks Cattle Co.
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