Beef Country Genetics Bull Sale

November 29, 2017
Midland Bull Test Facility; Columbus, MT

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1NameVideoLot #SexConsignorPicture
2BRC 21Y INCINERATOR D351Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
3BRC 175W RIBSTONE DANDY D322Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
4BRC 70A WESTERN D183Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
5BRC 70A WESTERN D074Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
6BRC 21Y INCINERATOR D265Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
7BRC 175W RIBSTONE DANDY D116Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
8BRC 21Y INCINERATOR D027Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
9BRC 21Y INCENERATOR D408Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
10BRC 70A WESTERN D129Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
11BRC 70A WESTERN D3710Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
12BRC 175W RIBSTONE DANDY D1611Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
13BRC 70A WESTERN D3112Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
14BRC 21Y INCINERATOR D4313Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
15BRC 21Y INCINERATOR D0914Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
16BRC 21Y INCENERATOR D5015Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
17BRC 70A WESTERN D2916Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
18BRC 21Y INCINERATOR D2517Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
19BRC 70A WESTERN D2018Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
20BRC 21Y INCINERATOR D4419Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
21BRC 70A WESTERN D2820Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
22BRC 21Y INCINERATOR D3621Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
23BRC 70A WESTERN D05 22Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
24BRC 70A WESTERN D1023Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
25BRC 21Y INCINERATOR D1724Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
26BRC 70A WESTERN D0325Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
27BRC 21Y INCINERATOR D2226Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
28BRC 70A WESTERN D3327Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
29BRC 70A WESTERN D3928Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
30BRC 21Y INCINERATOR D4229Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
31BRC 70A WESTERN D0630Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
32BRC 21Y INCINERATOR D3031Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
33BRC 70A WESTERN D3832Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
34BRC 70A WESTERN D2433Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
35BRC 162B RED RIBSTONE D0434Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
36BRC 70A WESTERN D2135Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
37BRC 162B RED RIBSTONE D0836Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
38BRC 70A WESTERN D2337Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
39BRC 21Y INCINERATOR D5138Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
40BRC 175W RIBSTONE DANDY D3439Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
41BRC 21Y INCENERATOR D4040Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
42BRC 70A WESTERN LAD D5241Hereford BullBrillhart Ranch
43MJB DOMINATE 608DM2Vrh-EvxxI55Hereford BullMJB Ranch
44MJB STRIKER 635DlqWbbrQ4BWE56Hereford BullMJB Ranch
45MJB SENSATION 605DqQHnSxnsI_g57Hereford BullMJB Ranch
46MJB SENSATION 602DoK5Ew4X727M58Hereford BullMJB Ranch
47McD UNO 610hJXFyZAEPO060Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
48McD UNO 6149AwjRcqbzoY61Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
49McD UNO 617oI3DgU3U4CI62Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
50McD UNO 618Xvf2jKAEuZM63Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
51McD UNO 619THyuizONfwg64Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
52McD UNO 620OU8Zq1YvrUM65Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
53MJB 16B of 049 507RWwuIKByyMRU66Angus BullMJB Ranch
54McD Performer 6172jpRLxbDNpC067Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
55MJB 52D of 3545 336AjoKqq6VFUQs68Angus BullMJB Ranch
56MJB 74D of 3545 1116YnD9XrysVNww69Angus BullMJB Ranch
57MJB 81D of 3545 226ZKoWeKVOcT1Q70Angus BullMJB Ranch
58MJB 87D of 3545 367AAB0wvp92QeY71Angus BullMJB Ranch
59MJB 1D of 2Y 402BHDaibUf1tYk72Angus BullMJB Ranch
60MJB 25D of 2Y 018Xl2ll0mUOFpY73Angus BullMJB Ranch
61MJB 27D of 2Y 1139Y_Ejc_dNwEZg75Angus BullMJB Ranch
62MJB 31D of 2Y 1126Yn2BYRnbgpjI77Angus BullMJB Ranch
63MJB 30D of 2Y 1130Y0siR5Ra9QNg79Angus BullMJB Ranch
64McD Spur 6103s9ub44JrgcY80Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
65McD Spur 6107qehbx2r8Wsg81Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
66McD Spur 6110Bxso6XxZdSo82Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
67McD Spur 6115s6YOhcPWvfY83Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
68McD Capitalist 653YCD9TLZVxjQ85Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
69McD Tender 6146oY9ZC-_B-iM86Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
70McD Convertor 6962amo8p07Uws87Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
71MJB 29D of 060L 053X9TrjPu69-ig88Angus BullMJB Ranch
72MJB 610D of 060L 449BpbalptpGDDU89Angus BullMJB Ranch
73McD Convertor 697JkQYf1kMLMk90Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
74MJB 15D of 17Z 413BXnNxkdUrfb891Angus BullMJB Ranch
75MJB 19D of 17Z 405B3i9byQUuDuw92Angus BullMJB Ranch
76MJB 22D of 17Z 454BDKdk1Mu0mm093Angus BullMJB Ranch
77MJB 39D of 17Z 437BiPNxmqvuO1Q94Angus BullMJB Ranch
78MJB 17D of 17Z 412BI57Op9C1_hk95Angus BullMJB Ranch
79MJB 18D of 310 1125YI1ROQBZ2yq096Angus BullMJB Ranch
80MJB 23D of 310 830UsekHc9MEk_U97Angus BullMJB Ranch
81MJB 24D of 310 021XRFTPF_5jYeQ98Angus BullMJB Ranch
82MJB 32D of 310 713T4xYveq4IHlU99Angus BullMJB Ranch
83MJB 40D of 310 904WGK4-kgIAprs100Angus BullMJB Ranch
84MJB 48D of 310 1119Y-IRIA4I6H_U101Angus BullMJB Ranch
85MJB 55D of 310 368A5dDTaNKUcFc102Angus BullMJB Ranch
86MJB 57D of 310 030X103Angus BullMJB Ranch
87MJB 61D of 310 1115Y_L9pqhyRbbE104Angus BullMJB Ranch
88McD 4832 6732HMrXKHRfAk105Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
89McD 4832 674RzajiAF0PSQ106Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
90McD 4832 67571EFegC7vl8107Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
91McD Surveyor 6129svhDFE2HsL0108Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
92McD Survetor 6131YH0dgyk1kLQ109Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
93McD Complete 6154e8toaUrYjBE110Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
94McD Complete 6156FE7rLvxqROQ111Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
95McD Complete 6158kbDYGNnOao4112Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
96McD Complete 6160amYWSaK-Ft4113Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
97McD Complete 6149teOVZTLZZJo114Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
98McD Complete 6105JywwDM1d5dY115Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
99McD Total 6163h27LsutMxpM116Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
100McD Total 6164hh3JOSURgKw117Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
101Fischer Performer 6152lKfYznOXB5s119Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
102CommercialtVUTFR5tnGA120Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
103McD Monument 677HJxb805t5lk121Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
104Fischer Performer 6133e-hGJPw_ThE122Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
105CommercialHC04Y4UdytI123Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
106McD Complete 6506Vxw_ysvVBBU130Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
107McD Complete 6505lsPysr8W93Q131Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
108McD Complete 653282_hr3AHrgA132Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
109McD Complete 6508_yTjBnH2Sv4133Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
110McD Complete 6511_AqaLCNdNoU134Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
111McD Complete 6512gQvbp2QWJ8Y135Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
112McD Complete 6510fH7ulVT5X_M136Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
113McD Complete 65077api7E0pPp0137Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
114McD Identity 65046eJV-wJTmg4138Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
115McD Identity 65031JugLSjkhes139Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
116McD Esco 6502fe9oKEKxoLo140Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
117McD Esco 6501y1TSt7SqvVQ141Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
118McD Payweight 6122Lrlav7YAcxU142Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
119McD Pioneer 6130y8qyF8Cs3zU143Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
120McD Pioneer 6132gX_zNHLqSxM144Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
121McD Pioneer 61341LVR7-lHcUM146Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
122McD Traction 6127qRDiPk2Ljms147Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
123McD Traction 6124WpRD6OtYyfE148Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
124McD Traction 6120NDXUBRFYK5w149Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
125McD Unanimous 6126AdES0Ag9RfM150Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
126McD Swagger 6129Od6aWyzHq9s151Angus BullMcDonnell Angus
127Frosty Crk Resolution 6016J2S07CWqCwo152Angus BullFrosty Creek Angus
128Frosty Crk Resolution 6018455Rtm0DuAs153Angus BullFrosty Creek Angus
129Frosty Crk Resolution 6024m9Wx_wjsH7o154Angus BullFrosty Creek Angus
130Frosty Crk Resolution 6025buEtjTG2gdE155Angus BullFrosty Creek Angus
131Frosty Crk Resolution 6041OjHKlXdwav4156Angus BullFrosty Creek Angus
132Frosty Crk Resolution 6044iyjr9_xg2ls157Angus BullFrosty Creek Angus
133Frosty Crk F A 6160B_3v3Tc9eCE158Angus BullFrosty Creek Angus
134Frosty Crk Resolution 6065Z6_dipX-SNY159Angus BullFrosty Creek Angus
135Frosty Crk Effective 6002NepWnWbPv50161Angus BullFrosty Creek Angus
136High Meadow Effective 6004iG22ZAp0r6w162Angus BullFrosty Creek Angus
137Frosty Crk Effective 6007arWRKiL_Eno163Angus BullFrosty Creek Angus
138Frosty Crk Effective 60139174QfjNEYk164Angus BullFrosty Creek Angus
139Frosty Crk Chisum 6073-ps7LiwG8RU165Angus BullFrosty Creek Angus
140High Meadow Chisum9BzqQYp0CYE166Angus BullFrosty Creek Angus
141Frosty Crk Answer 6037MQ6ejHZY10I167Angus BullFrosty Creek Angus
142Frosty Crk Answer 60484qwznzHJc3I168Angus BullFrosty Creek Angus
143High Meadow Answer 6133AHA5e1TFaoM169Angus BullFrosty Creek Angus
144Frosty Crk Pile Driver 6043brf1Zss7gNk170Angus BullFrosty Creek Angus
145Frosty Crk Pile Driver 60596mvpTyDtSxE171Angus BullFrosty Creek Angus
146High Meadow Pile Driver 6076wasIfRaMrtQ172Angus BullFrosty Creek Angus
147Frosty Crk Pile Driver 61281gRVfqOBGBU173Angus BullFrosty Creek Angus
148Frosty Crk Complete 6026n5MT9T2-ej4174Angus BullFrosty Creek Angus
149High Meadow Complete 6042-LHmlnX8mZQ175Angus BullFrosty Creek Angus
150Frosty Crk Complete 6098XNTF3SFgAqw176Angus BullFrosty Creek Angus
151Frosty Crk Complete 6109ZZhPN6uDx8o177Angus BullFrosty Creek Angus
152Frosty Crk Complete 6154KK_AJrAX9_I178Angus BullFrosty Creek Angus
153Frosty Crk F A 60316ZU97-1ACMU179Angus BullFrosty Creek Angus
154Frosty Crk F A 603433ZYiCSdSLk180Angus BullFrosty Creek Angus
155Frosty Crk F A 6081YGClr9x5wZ4181Angus BullFrosty Creek Angus
156Frosty Crk F A 6100tyOYIXeJTSw182Angus BullFrosty Creek Angus
157Frosty Crk F A 61016fUh-73w7AY183Angus BullFrosty Creek Angus
158Frosty Crk F A 6108SE1k92OVjFo185Angus BullFrosty Creek Angus
159High Meadow F A 6130jp8SiSo0_tk186Angus BullFrosty Creek Angus
160High Meadow Answer 61079BweFZ_iOpE187Angus BullFrosty Creek Angus
161MJB SUMMIT 681Db4QmIqj-Khk201South Devon BullMJB Ranch
162MJB BLACKFOOT 786DAZ4UF777NNY202South Devon BullMJB Ranch
163BC SWAGGER 725Dhsz7JcQkkMU203South Devon BullMJB Ranch
164MJB TRIUMPH 666DJ3LOYoPdOi8204South Devon BullMJB Ranch
165MJB DUNDEE 741DlnQf1jqKTFw205South Devon BullMJB Ranch
166MJB REBEL 639Dum2hC9-n29k206South Devon BullMJB Ranch
167MJB FOREMOST 691DOe_zzvxP5KI207South Devon BullMJB Ranch
168MJB ROYAL LAD 69D-NFvO94edZA211South Devon BullMJB Ranch
169MJB ROYAL LAD 70Dl_jYZ-0BOFE212South Devon BullMJB Ranch
170BC ROYAL LAD 71D70mtGVU8qpU213South Devon BullMJB Ranch
171BC ROYAL LAD 71DM4xpSPsTuJk214South Devon BullMJB Ranch
172MJB ROYAL LAD 73DZlXANe1DbZU215South Devon BullMJB Ranch
173MJB ROYAL LAD 74D4UHJIzNckVo216South Devon BullMJB Ranch
174MJB 0548X OF 75DWpzWS0_7Dkw218South Devon BullMJB Ranch
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