Bowles J5 Reds

April 5, 2018
Glasgow Stockyards - Glasgow, MT

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1NameVideoLot #Reg #NotesPicture
2J5 0226 CHAMPION 7184b5NMwFTqPR013807450This is the one that does an exceptional job of spreading antogonisms in a very eye appealling package. Champion is a perfect prototype for a performance heifer bull, and he is thick smooth, and is in the medium “right” frame category, with a bit of extra length. The cow here is very attractive with extra length and shape.
3J5 0226 TRIPLE THREAT 7185QOQST8GUb5A23750579A long bodied dark red ET son of Trilogy that will produce some outstanding females and feeders. Looking to build your cowherd with length and eye appeal, with perfect udders? Make sure that you don’t miss the chance at these full brothers! We don’t do Embryo transfer just for the sake of it, these cattle are truly something special.
4J5 Z314 CANYON WARRIOR 7154hfcn7ADkfMQ33807254This guy is flat impressive in his muscle pattern and overall presence, make sure that you find him on sale day he should be near the top of your wish list. Canyon Warrior is out of an 11 year old cow from Sun River that continues to be a top producer. If you want a bull to pretty well check all of the boxes, they don’t get much better.
5J5 0226 WINSTON 7162wto0Hp-CfIc43807456Wow has he got a good top! Thick from end to end and has that great Trilogy thickness and style. There is not a lot of Trilogy semen around that I’m aware of, so a person maybe should invest in one of these good son’s before there aren’t any more.
6J5 209B PROTECTER 7183ZC5XR1p8Keo53807474Yes, he is as nice as what you would hope with his extremely well balance weights, ratios and EPD package that he lines up. He is a medium-dark red bull with a whole lot of muscle and thickness in the “right” framed package. The 14X cow was Milk Creek Reds pick of our herd a few years ago. Protecter is one to find in the pens.
7J5 0226 LOCKED IN 7226m7GRiIQ9H4863750587If you want to buy a bull that will look like the picture of Trilogy 0226 when he is a mature bull than this is your guy. Locked In is loaded with muscle and is thick toppped, he carries the genetic balance of TrilogyXGlorylass and Lancer-f L297 putting it together in a medium frame with of muscle expression he is Locked In.
8J5 0226 SPECTRUM 71974ZGMeHJNXoI73750581This mating is set up to be balanced for calving ease growth, and everything else that we are building around. Spectrum will not only sire amazing sons, and daughters but his daughters will raise amazing offspring which will perform in every facet of the cattle industry. All of these Trilogy X Glorylass will excell for udder quality and maternity.
9J5 0226 FULLY LOADED 7212L3g5CB19xLk83807502Bulls out of proven 9 year old cows are a nice thing to have around, if you want to build your own cowherd to last. Wow is there a lot stacked up in this bull, Pedigreecheck, bw,ww,yw-check, kick ass EPD’s-check, Length,Muscle,Top,and Disposition- check. Yep he comes Fully Loaded!
10J5 522B ADVENTURE 7199f-5at5_1G4s93807284A very thick long and attractive son of Advocate that really turned it on at weaning and posted one of the top YW in the sale. If you are wanting to add some lenth and thickness adn easy power to your next calf crop these Advocate cattle are very consistant in what they bring to the table.
11J5 522B V8 7156eQFdiSNhqqI103807256Sometimes cows get better with age his dam is still producing at 12 years old and calved in the first cycle again this year. If you are looking to combine power substance and stayability in your herd V8 will do the trick. Drop this V8 into your herd and your herdpower will definately increase.
12J5 0226 TRUTH 7213dMZ-r7hJ7O8113750591This is what I was expecting from this mating, superior depth, thickness, and eye appeal. If what you are looking for is the Truth than you just found it. Cattle that have this type of capacity and style are rarely found in one package, but I think that he pulls it off rather nicely. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to change your program.
13J5 425 HIGH MARK 7252qqxpw98T5Eo123807334This bull is definately in the conversation to be the widest topped bulls in the sale and with a 75 lbs actual BW and out of a top producing excellent mother cow you might find a bargain in this outstanding calf.
14J5 425 SUM WAY 7278tbvqEko-l8s133807364Sum Way or another you’ll find this thick butted wide topped bull in Glasgow: he’s kind of hard to miss.
15J5 B16 REBEL EPIC 7173IWOsyxt_PDY143807268Another long and attractive bigger frame score type of bull that we expect out of the Rebel Tradition Bull. We have built our herd around ease of operation, and funtionality in all facets of the cattle business. We as ranchers not only sell pounds but we are marketing our cattle on their appearance and ability to perform in the REAL WORLD.
16J5 425 SUM IT UP 7277Cwc-ZOVbhz0153807366A long made range type rascal out of the Summit bull we purchased from Jo Dee Watson. He is a bull very well made and bred to be a slick calver. When cattle are made the right way the ability to calve unassisted is built right in.
17J5 31A FAT JOE 7289tqYHNw1weRg163807482A super dark red and attractive bull that again is very balanced across his weights and EPD’s. He has a lot of canadian and Angus genetics behind him a very unique genetic package.
18J5 Z314 NINJA 7234nbIR4eU47ZE173807524Deep thick and long bull out of the great Glorylass cow. She that has an amazing udder, even at the age of 10, and is an above average mother. We are not just building for weights and numbers here, we are building for the complete animal and that includes the maternal ability of our mother cow herd. Along with the body is the mind.
19J5 Z314 EARL 7113odap2CpwTxE183807204Heifer bull in the medium frame category, He is hitting the targets pretty nicely for a heifer bull with the ability to grow the right amount for your first calvers.
20J5 Z314 IRON WARRIOR 7223o5CA6ZC6oa0193807238Warrior X Glorylass is a combo sure to make top quality feeders and females, combining Beckton and Buffalo Creek programs has long been a recipe for success, so buy with confidence in years of quality brought forth from one of the top cows in the breed. He had an injury as a calf that set him back at weaning, he is good to go.
21J5 0226 TRIDENT 7230QpqWI0UuPYs203750589He didn’t have quite the mother that some of these other ET brothers had but really shows that true calving ease look. Trident is a sure fire heifer bull.
22J5 0226 TRILOGY 7201tz45D28j67g213807490Moderate framed Trilogy son with his trademark shape and style coming from a high production Mats Signal X JR 107 bred dam. Heifer Bull.
23J5 425 SMITTY 7260W9h2utxFC6s223807348He should make a good heifer bull, his mother is very consistantly ing the comfortable birth weight range. He is a medium to moderate framed bull.
24J5 209B POINT GUARD 7246CG74HLuRQpo233750585A very balanced moderate framed heifer bull by the great Glorylass cow. Just keep in mind, the recip cows are usually in recip because they aren’t quite as productive as the cow that the Embryos come out of. Point Guard has the typical width muscle and stature that we expect for our Guardian cattle.
25J5 B16 REBEL SIGN 7133flNfpiWX4Kc243807238Heifer bull.
26J5 209B KEEPER 7241ope65XhJNzA253807322Knock him out and put him on the bus with a couple Guardian 1/2 brothers and you will be smiling when you head home. Keeper is thick and full of muscle and out of a cow that has a little extra length to her. The Lola L039 and 5033 cows are a big part of our foundation, with the top side of this pedigree here is a really good one.
27J5 209B PATROL 7158FG_WWu_tPwo263807260I’d call him a heifer bull that has his weight lines locked in right were we want them. These heifer bulls don’t have to way 50-60 lbs to be easy calvers, and at 80 lbs on a cold March morning his calves will have a lot better chance to get up and get going. Patrol is a nice example of what these Guardian cattle are bred to do.
28J5 0226 TRIPLE PLAY 721404dKgP-NI2M273807488A Triple Play is about as rare as it gets in baseball, and trust me you won’t want to miss your opportunity at this Triple Play. We have had good luck so far from our Trilogy daughter’s and his dam has a 103 MPPA, so please keep his daughters because they may be the best thing that this guy does, and he does a LOT.
29J5 209B GUARDIAN 7149W9azW8wPRY0283807248A very balanced high weaning bull out of a three year old Warrior daughter off to a very good start. If you want to increase the thickness and fleshing ability of your next calf crop this Guardian son will be a good choice.
30J5 Z314 WARRIOR 712666gCDW4g2wg293807226Heifer bull that didn’t blow anyone out of the water but will make a very reliable light birth weight bull.
31J5 Z314 WARRIOR 7139KOkt6RmsWFY303807242Heifer Bull.
32J5 PRIME PARKER 7148DuXR8DHYXsU313859577MPPA 105.82. Scrotal 37.
33J5 209B GUARDIAN 7242RdtcR2fmKSk323807324These Guardian cattle sure do show a lot of thickness especially in their top and rear. If you want moderate to medium sized cattle with the ability to perform than this Guardian son is a good place to start. 80/694/1052 are pretty good slashes. We aren’t pushing these guys to eat them we want them to work for you.
34J5 C43 COOZY 7259DMQKC3mbK3o333807342Heifer bull stacking down to JR 107 on the 534 cow. A very balanced calving ease pedigree with a little bit of performance blended in nicely.
35J5 C43 J. WOODS 7271K-MOk2wuA3E343807356A Cadillac calf with a little more punch from weaning to yearling, that’s a good way to make your feeders happy. Coming from a heifer bull thats a double bonus.
36J5 C43 SLICK 7296Mhl62XtLUyw353807376A higher motered bull that is made for calving ease and lively calves, again on these bulls they are easy to work and deal with, but like people that all have different personalities, let us help you make sure you get a bull that fits you and your operation. Don’t be afraid to ask Brady about anything about the bulls.
37J5 674Z MARLEY 7206JeTS-bX8YBY363807506Marley is a sharp fearured extremely attractive made calving ease type of bull that is very dense in his muscle pattern. Dark red and slick haired.
38J5 209B GUARDIAN 71924ZCv0KTErB0373807520This is the first effort from the heifer we bought from Feddes’ at NILE. She has done a nice job on her first try and has produced a sure fire good looking Heifer bull.
39J5 31A EASY JOE 7247gKRjSNB6OjY383807452An AVG. I. Joe out of Cadillac’s mother that is long and dark red.
40J5 31A SMOKIN JOE 7270xqCe5Uz7IrQ393807466At 94 lbs he is built like an easy calver, nice small smooth head and smooth through his shoulder points. He will make a good big country bull.
41J5 C43 DADDIO 7261Qm9TSv-QBRg403807344Daddio would like someone to scratch him behind the ears and on top of his head if you don’t mind. A lot to like here another long bodied wide based bull with the right parts in the right places.
42J5 674Z DEPUTY 7181IgrlRZx7LBs413807510The Zion bulls are thick topped and wide made calves with some good up side and growth.
43J5 674Z SHERIFF 7142hfOAwFxB7Fs423807500I feel like there is more power here than everything that you can see would show. I would be careful of the heifers I put him on our use him on anything 3 and up with no troubles. He has a great top and a wide stance throughout.
44J5 31A G I JOE 7280HMt5XBO7MuQ433807492Exceptional balance in this guy, nothing will blow you away but that sometimes is the point. What are your goals for your calves, what size cows are you aiming for? Things to consider when you are selecting your bulls. If you want consistancy than you have to commit to a target within a weight range and stick to it: +- 25 lbs.
45J5 209B LONGGUARD 7170ndCo2Qef2m8443807306This is the last calf out of the 704 cow that produced consistantly at this level every year, hence her 102MPPA at the age of 10. You won’t look in a lot bull catalogs and see the constistancy of scrotal measurement throughout an entire offering that we do, that translates into more bred cows and a more fertile cowherd, don’t you think.
46J5 522B BIG CAT 7288tie5isp4WA8453807374A long, powerful and complete. the mother here is a hell of a good range cow, she has natural power and always brings length and power to the table. With Advocate on the top he is bred to produce and perform in any arena.
47J5 209B REGARD 7203pDkvpHatu_I463807470Guardian out of a genuine power cow with extra frame and length. It is a lot more likely to get to a 740 lbs Weaning weight with a calf with a lot of stretch. It is also a lot easier to have a 94 lbs birth weight with that same stretch. What a bull is made like is how his calves wll come out, length weighs and length pays.
48J5 522B ADVOCATER 7231nr6jDFjcW1w473807308Advocate really stamps his lenghth depth and thickness in his progeny this bull was built and bred for power and that is exactly what he has delivered. A cowbull that will lock you in at 700 lbs come fall.
49J5 522B ADVOCATE 7195Yyht_RIFMbw483807282I like the top power and length that this guy possesses he will keep you in heavy weaning weights and leave you a set of females that will be big bodied and powerful if thats something that you are into.
50J5 LOADED GUN 722268hdvzAFaIM49COMMERCIALSelling as a commercial bull you can read between the lines 96/780/1005 unadjusted for age. Big time thickness in this rascal and out of a solid cow family.
51J5 425 SUMMIT 72662sa69AnrXNM503807352When cattle are long thick and deep they are usually going to put a few easy lbs. on the scale. He is out of a very easy keeping, and powerful cow family that always look like Copper Queens.
52J5 B16 REBEL GOLD 7135orxx-4qSGrc513807240I probably shouldn’t say this but ignore his EPD’s and look at his weights because he is a big framed long bodied bull that will be way more likely to produce like his mothers 103 MPPA and his performance rather than his EPD’s.
53J5 522B ADDITION 7240KQI6SqeDTP8523807320Out of a 10 year old cow it is fairly normal to have a little extra birth weight on top of an already long and powerful mating. If you want longevity and length and top in your cattle line up a few of these Advocate sons out of some good mature cows.
54J5 522B ADVOCATE 7176mRaQMSfeMMA533807272Another medium to larger framed bull out of a family of constistant power cows by Advocate. He is long and good and above average in all of the growth categories.
55J5 522B ADVOCATE 7316qo_20dL0NeU543807394A young heifer bull by Advocate.
56J5 C43 CADET 7322U0mGlYhCBSc553807432MPPA 99.18. Scrotal 35.
57J5 31A JOE 7302L4UQg5wmlrM563807446MPPA 98. Scrotal 35
58J5 B16 DORY 7101573807182MPPA 94.24.
59J5 B16 MERCEDES 7168583807266MPPA 100.67
60J5 B16 GLORYANNE 7106593807192MPPA 103.33.
61J5 B16 DAPHINE 7110603807198MMPA 97.33.
62J5 B16 JILL 7190613807280MPPA 98.67
63J5 B16 ST DONNA 7123623807224MMPA 98.
64J5 B16 REBA 7153633807252MPPA 100.
65J5 425 BESSI 7273643807358MPPA 102.18
66J5 425 LOLA 7320653807400MPPA 105.22
67J5 425 MESA MAID 7258663807340MPPA 104.
68J5 C43 MARY JO 7251673807332MPPA 97.71.
69J5 C43 MESA MAID 7310683807428MPPA 101.68
70J5 C43 PINEMARIE 7239693807318MPPA 100.
71J5 C43 SWEET MARIE 7301703807380MPPA 97.71.
72J5 Z314 PINEMARIE 7146713807244MPPA 99.23.
73J5 C43 SUNBURST 7256723807338MPPA 101.14.
74J5 C43 FAYETTE 7265733807350MPPA 97.14
75J5 C43 LAKOTA 7286743807372MPPA 98.8.
76J5 C43 ESTONIA 7318753807300MPPA 103.52.
77J5 31A SALLY 7291763807476MPPA 106.4.
78J5 C43 MARIGOLD 7225773807300MPPA 97.71.
79J5 C43 ST MONA 7327783807424MPPA 103.33
80J5 CADILLAC QUEEN 7130793807232MPPA 98.55.
81J5 674Z BLOCKANNA 7172803807514MPPA 99.2
82J5 C43 COPPER QUEEN 731381
83J5 522B PATTIE 7268823807354MPPA 93.33.
84J5 209B LOLA 7103833807186MPPA 100.8.
85J5 209B ST MONA 7311843807388MPPA 98.
86J5 209B EMMA 7193853807516MPPA 96.4
87J5 209B LOLA 7104863807188MPPA 98.
88J5 Z314 COPPER QUEEN 7117873807212MPPA 96.15.
89J5 Z314 LILLY 7151883807250MPPA 100.82
90J5 Z314 ST MARTHA 7319893807398MPPA 102.29
91J5 Z314 MARIGOLD 7238903807316MPPA 100.9S
92J5 Z314 MARIGOLD 7204913807290MPPA 100.73
93J5 80A SUNBURST 7245923807326MPPA 102.47.
94J5 80A SUNBURST 7186933807274MPPA 95.79.
95J5 80A ANISE 7121943807220MPPA 94.95
96J5 80A FIREFLY 7161953807262MPPA 103.64
97J5 80A MARIGOLD 715296out of a now 13 year old cow
98J5 425 BONNEBELL 7274973807360MPPA 100.57.
99J5 C147 FAYETE 730398
100J5 C147 COPPER QUEEN 7328993807434MPPA 97.6.
101J5 31A SELMA 72721003807494MPPA 101.33.
102J5 THRILLER FIREFLY 72791013807434MPPA 95.6.
104J5 209B 7305103COMMERCIAL
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