Fraser & Wright Ranch Grand Finale Sale

Nov. 22nd - 24th

Text "grand18" to (604) 256-9596 for registration link, or click the link to the right.

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2Fraser cherry pie 811e9tB8VEPLn5M1Fraser cherry pie 811eCherry Pie 811F in her first outing on the tan bark was 2018 Reserve Grand Champion female at the NILE in Billings, MT. This female is a force to be reckoned with. Her sire, DLCC DJ 95D 2017, was the Reserve Grand National Champion Bull at the NWSS. Her dam, Cherry Pie 50D, has really proved herself as a first calf heifer. If your looking for that great show heifer, cow or donor, she fits the bill. Look no further. Retaining one-half interest. Polled, Black South DevonDLCC DJ 95DFraser Cherry Pie 50DBlackHeifer5/8/2018
3Fraser roxanne 812fPiY-sTQhl9s2Fraser roxanne 812fHere's a female with a unique blend of power,feminity and moves like a cat. Roxanne was the Calf Champion in the Poundmaker Show at Nile. Her sire DLCC DJ has become a power house leader in the South Devon industry. Roxy's granddam is the Angus cow in our herd QueenDiane 401. She is the dam of Fireman 1195 a high efficency sire, Grand dam to Easy Rider, owned with McDonnell Angus and MJB Ranch, and the 2018 High WDA Angus Bull Pacific 705 at Midland Bull Test owned with Kiekow Ranches from Montana. A golden opportunity to to add a donor prospect to your herd. Retaining one-half interest., Black Poundmaker (50/50)DLCC DJ 95DFRASER QUEEN DIANNA 401BlackHeifer4/20/2018
4Fraser miss kitty 828fJsPml4fWld43Fraser miss kitty 828fMiss Kitty has been a favorite from day one. This July heifer calf is as cool as they get – extremely long-sided and very fluent in her movement. She will be one to watch her make her way to the winner’s circle., Black Poundmaker (50/50)DLCC DJ 95DFRASER COVERGIRL 9208BlackHeifer7/8/2018
5Fraser pride lass 880Aw3Dlq3cl2Y4Fraser pride lass 880Lass is the only Angus heifer in this offering. She is without-a-doubt going to be an all- around female on the tanbark and as a donor. Her sire has been dominating the Angus and Red Angus industries in total performance, feed efficeny and carcass merit. Lass’ dam goes back to high-performing Vermillon Dateline power cow in our herd – WCC Pride 209. AngusSpur Franchise of GartonFraser Pride 1091BlackHeifer7/18/2018
6Fraser maggie 813fto9oXgC6Jk05Fraser maggie 813fThis long-sided, styllish female is as kind as the day is long and backed by some cow power behind her. She is feminine and sure to catch your eye on sale day!, Polled Poundmaker (50/50)DLCC DJ 95DFRASER SUMMER 910BlackHeifer3/20/2018
7Fraser penny 892fp8nq4ToqJP06Fraser penny 892fThis is a moderate-framed, big-bodied August heifer with a big future ahead of her! Her sire is DLCC DJ 95 D – a power bull in the industry. She is out of a top Red Angus cow by Regulator., Polled Poundmaker (50/50)DLCC DJ 95DFRASER ERLATA 21-1510BlackHeifer8/12/2018
8Fraser black betty 810fNXThcIqtC8A8Fraser black betty 810fOh Black Betty...she's been a crowd-pleaser from Day 1 – loaded with extra style, perfomance and show ring appeal. She is sired by DJ 95D, the 2017 Reserve Grand National Champion at NWSS. Her dam is Za Za 32D, a big-time performance female destined to be a donor. Retaining one-half interest., Polled Purebred South DevonDLCC DJ 95DFRASER ZA ZA 32DBlackHeifer4/28/2018
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