Laubach Red Angus Sale

November 11th, 2017 1:00 PM MST
At the Ranch; Big Timber, MT

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1NameVideoLot #SexNotesPicture
2LAUBACH MAXIMUM 7058ma4yQ_0FMxo1Bull CalfClean made, evenly structured bull with nice legs. Heifer Bull.
3LAUBACH 7098gIAGt0TKOTo2Bull CalfDNA pending Hopefully will be here by sale day.
4LAUBACH RIGHT ON 577UMjy0t8BJRQ3Bull CalfExceptional growth with light birth, definitely an eye catcher. Heifer Bull.
5LAUBACH PACKER 703753BHShtLuYY4Bull CalfDeep sided bull was a late bloomer, but is coming on strong.
6LAUBACH FIRST BASE 7185BuDVkzJh78M5Bull CalfOur Joan cow got shot while she was in the pasture thank heavens we got this dam first, so we could carry on the Joan family. This guy is evenly made.
7LAUBACH JUMBO 7060Xk91CaH2Qsc6Bull CalfHeavy muscled long-sided bull that has everything put together.
8LAUBACH SPARTACUS 7036gjZpenv-pmM7Bull Calf
9LAUBACH SPARTACUS 7055AzZVJ6YaeLs8Bull CalfNote his long body and leveled throughout the hip.
10LAUBACH JUMBO 7116NBQbo0KgQdw9Bull CalfThe combination of his length along with being deep in the middle makes him a keeper.
11LAUBACH 71108xqE3tpvtgE10Bull CalfThick heavily muscled bull, pleasing to the eye. DNA Pending.
12LAUBACH JUMBO 71310PqGEzlQscs11Bull CalfJumbo and Priscilla great combination in this bull calf. He has a lot of length and thickness throughout.
13LAUBACH JUMBO 7056dJ23zHKCS0012Bull Calf
14LAUBACH OSCAR 7187wG6B1aqCxJc13Bull CalfIf you are looking for muscling, this is the one for you.
15LAUBACH JUMBO 7118tLgc1WoQaSc14Bull CalfWe have a long history with the Flint pedigree, take note of her MPPA.
16LAUBACH JUMBO 7173TChFoLGNZvI15Bull CalfKen bought this dam at Bet on Red sale she has produced well for us as proven by this bull calf.
17LAUBACH JUMBO 71881yuxSy6Di_I16Bull CalfEye appealing calf.
18LAUBACH OUT WEST 7125ePVY3jUp41w17Bull CalfLevel top, nice balance, wonderful combination. Heifer Bull.
19LAUBACH OUT WEST 7099_SX8a7ann0c18Bull CalfHes in the top 1% of his weaning and yearling weights.
20LAUBACH OUT WEST 7171A2RfVuwQ0eQ19Bull CalfOh, Flo Marie just keeps on giving. Jumbo puts length on most all of his calves one of his strongest features.
21LAUBACH RIGHT ON 7028C2wWBLbznA420Bull CalfKen picked this GrandDam out of Messmers dispersion sale, great choice! With Right On for the sire it is a great combination. This bull has exceptional growth.
22LAUBACH RIGHT ON 7030-U1eDV2aEbE21Bull CalfThick, power packed and full of meat win, win. Heifer Bull.
23LAUBACH RIGHT ON 7011d_okeeW-lWI22Bull CalfLong, thick, straight top bull very impressive. Heifer Bull.
24LAUBACH PACKER 7050Yj7i6-7dGI823Bull CalfThis guys best feature is a great hind quarter that carries throughout.
25LAUBACH FIRST BASE 7100SKstT8fLkRo24Bull CalfBig boned, this bull will be a powerhouse for sure.
26LAUBACH FIRST BASE 71063Ri2XU4sAY425Bull CalfHe is even from head to toe, eye appealing!
27LAUBACH FIRST BASE 711260m7M6myklQ26Bull Calf
28LAUBACH DEEP END 7064MiFL-qg2iEk27Bull CalfModerate birth with explosive growth. We cannot say enough good about First Base, his calves will be in the feed lot.
29LAUBACH DEEP END 7057S5IDoZyW39k28Bull CalfA well put together bull he is a big one and will put growth and weight on his calves.
30LAUBACH C-SQUALL 7052756QsRksXtM29Bull CalfC-Squall has proven himself, you may sleep through the night with his calves. Heifer Bull.
32LAUBACH MAXIMUM 7157eJgqFFf4-Co31Bull CalfDocile, Docile, Docile easiest going bull we are offering in the sale.
33LAUBACH JUMBO 7129J9yxbxTBAcI32Bull CalfJuana 332 was one of the first to go to the NILE pen show. We received two reserved champions with her, and she has risen to the top with her performance.
34LAUBACH JUMBO 7103fwAXqXhYpfk33Bull CalfTwin. Long sided with a well-rounded hip. Pleasing to the eye.
35LAUBACH JUMBO 7054Fxz4DpOkg7U34Bull CalfOne of our smoothest, longest bulls in the sale.
36LAUBACH SPARTACUS 7016VmSWF51wArQ35Bull CalfHeifer Bull.
37LAUBACH ENDURANCE 7149vznzdW7jYAA37Bull CalfHe might be small, but he packs a punch. Strong front end.
38LAUBACH RIGHT ON 7029OID1TI1LwDA38Bull CalfHeifer Bull.
39LAUBACH RIGHT ON 7023zJxUriqFa2E39Bull CalfAttractive dark cherry red coloring and smooth throughout his body very attractive!
40LAUBACH RIGHT ON 70123n4rW31MEPc40Bull Calf
41LAUBACH TRENDSETTER 7081HWTusAQ-Aqo41Bull CalfHeifer Bull.
43LAUBACH OSCAR 573xT6k2L9lQIk43Bull Calf
44LAUBACH DEEP END 7051AQBwVzgSjgs44Bull Calf
45LAUBACH DEEP END 7024lD-YDNUt3bI45Bull CalfStands straight on his feet and legs, very smooth even calf throughout.
46LAUBACH OSCAR 7082CglQmJeFJOz046Bull Calf
47LAUBACH 7067dFzYBHdGQdw47Bull CalfHis thick nice, round hip will put the pounds on his calves. Twin. DNA Pending.
48LAUBACH MAXIMUM 7062DqEqdVICLaI48Bull CalfImpressive match with Maximum and Miss Flint. Heifer Bull.
49LAUBACH MAXIMUM 7086EHPgCbUt4yw49Bull CalfGood average set of numbers, with a great set of quarters and very well balanced.
50LAUBACH JUMBO 7014HoOlWAj8X_w50Bull CalfA great buy for us from the NILE.
51LAUBACH JUMBO 7127VkcPxGbs6bY51Bull CalfJumbo and Packer should get a meaty calf. Hes straight on his feet and legs.
52LAUBACH OUT WEST 71431eYB-RYjXsY52Bull CalfLight birth weight. Heifer Bull.
53LAUBACH DEEP END 7047746duJS4IWw53Bull CalfThe combination of muscle and power is a sure guarantee. Should sire a tremendous set of numbers.
54LAUBACH FIRST BASE 7092EV_IrBo4goc54Bull Calf
55LAUBACH RIGHT ON 7006ZulMeeBGZ8E55Bull CalfThis guys best feature is his length with a spring to his rib, hes smooth and thick. Heifer Bull.
56LAUBACH RIGHT ON 70053hPWpYZIcRg56Bull CalfHeifer Bull.
57LAUBACH FIRST BASE 7108YwITP3DB8LA57Bull CalfAnother great dam from the NILE. She was a winner there and still is with us.
58LAUBACH FIRST BASE 7117ioeD4AfL5L058Bull Calf
59LAUBACH 7097XSIUDLAVGOo59Commercial BullThis bull has a thick, deep body.
60LAUBACH ENDURANCE 7145kky_vaJkLKk60Bull CalfLow birth weight and calving ease. Look at the split from his actual birth weight to weaning weight.
61LAUBACH 7045QjhFJ5vyCGo61Commercial BullLong, big bodied bull, and a dark cherry red coloring leads to attraction.
62LAUBACH FLO MARIE 6002BpmFQVMljws62Bred HeiferPasture exposed to SUTH Maximum 106C due 1/30 with a heifer calf.
63LAUBACH RED 6003vAG3NrFQsLU63Bred HeiferPasture exposed to SUTH Maximum 106C due 2/14 with a bull calf.
64LAUBACH FLO MARIE 602102GDtiCLMQc64Bred HeiferPasture exposed to SUTH Maximum 106C due 2/4 with a heifer calf.
65LAUBACH JUANA 6037hGbkHygFddw65Bred HeiferPasture exposed to SUTH Maximum 106C due 2/4 with a heifer calf.
66LAUBACH LAKOTA 605207-LxfyY2PY66Bred HeiferPasture exposed to SUTH Maximum 106C with a heifer calf.
67LAUBACH DINA ROSE 607132WiGOz4mrs67Bred HeiferPasture exposed to SUTH Maximum 106C due 2/19 sex unknown.
68LAUBACH STOCKLASS 6076sH0bby5ikgI68Bred HeiferPasture exposed to SUTH Maximum 106C due 2/19 sex unknown.
69LAUBACH MS FLINT 6089s_GWGmxVJWc69Bred HeiferAId safe to Leland Marksman 6629 due 1/14 with a bull calf.
70LAUBACH PRECIOUS 6093_AMzQxOrhAo70Bred HeiferPasture exposed to SUTH Maximum 106C due 2/9 with a bull calf.
71LAUBACH BELLE 6112iDNlpAca2A471Bred HeiferPasture exposed to SUTH Maximum 106C due 1/25 with a heifer calf.
72LAUBACH QUEEN ANISE 6124ChSBh63Ccpg72Bred HeiferPasture exposed to SUTH Maximum 106C due 1/25 with a bull calf.
73LAUBACH RED COLLEEN 6130CPr9exR-d2Y73Bred HeiferPasture exposed to SUTH Maximum 106C due 2/14 sex unknown.
74LAUBACH ESTONIA 6133JtBGhNlI73c74Bred HeiferPasture exposed to SUTH Maximum 106C due 3/4 sex unknown.
75LAUBACH GINNIE 6174D9_ttBrCTm075Bred HeiferPasture exposed to SUTH Maximum 106C due 2/19 sex unknown.
76LAUBACH FLO MARIE 6185koXwvr0LFTE76Bred HeiferPasture exposed to SUTH Maximum 106C due 1/30 with a heifer calf.
77LAUBACH MS FLINT 7002yKVj8JWpscU77Heifer Calf
78LAUBACH FLINT 70175OQuMW7R27o78Heifer Calf
80LAUBACH NEXA 7074fbq8wy7aB6I80Heifer Calf
81LAUBACH GOLDEN BELL 7077DJjV2QywNos81Heifer Calf
82LAUBACH JUANA 7089MEGbwDr-4Ic82Heifer Calf
83LAUBACH MS FLINT 709133LpNt4p1rg83Heifer Calf
85LAUBACH COLLEEN 7095cfb3VLakLUE85Heifer Calf
86LAUBACH LASS 7107vwggiWEmHdY86Heifer Calf
87LAUBACH BETTY 7133FXJfQyckGsw87Heifer Calf
88LAUBACH PAPRIKA 7139uHOr7mQfTSY88Heifer Calf
89LAUBACH ABIGAIL MARIE 7162cprfrp5p6yI89Heifer Calf
90LAUBACH RED LIL 7174iz3S-kMH5gQ90Heifer Calf
91LAUBACH OSCE 7190oT5hfG9A6tw91Heifer Calf
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