Laubach Red Angus Sale

November 10th 2018
At the Ranch; Big Timber, MT

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1NameVideoLot #SexNotesPicture
2LAUBACH PARAMOUNT 8073OjU2SZjI91U1Bull CalfDon’t worry about his actual birth weight, his HB and GM are at the top of the percentiles.
3LAUBACH OUT WEST 8185kwFuIPPr4UA2Bull CalfSpring of rib, on a sound base with some length.
4LAUBACH PARAMOUNT 8188vbt7KawqGf43Bull CalfModerate, well put together calf with natural length.
5LAUBACH OUT WEST 81397rYzszEolLw4Bull CalfBig chested, thick bull.
6LAUBACH HIGHLAND 8049W9ihuVo-BHU5Bull CalfDeep ribbed, and wide across his top.
7LAUBACH JUMBO 8052QBT968zH71Y6Bull CalfBig framed, with a lot of growth - he will be a big boy.
8LAUBACH DEEP END 8048nNoFDRAukNY7Bull CalfOne of our top end producing cow families, exceptional growth, with moderate birth.
9LAUBACH JUMBO 8019lTDHWTeu_f48Bull CalfDark, smooth, thick made bull.
10LAUBACH OUT WEST 8150NKEMPe6ypFw9Bull CalfA light birth weight, heavier muscled bull.
11LAUBACH HIGHLAND 8177f1wLpedw7nY10Bull CalfA wide-topped, long bodied bull calf.
12LAUBACH JUMBO 8062A8usQZR833Q11Bull CalfLight birth weight for a Jumbo calf - one of the few Timberlake dams that we have.
13LAUBACH PLEDGE 8182hUO_iTq-w6Y12Bull CalfHigh gaining, big volume bull.
14LAUBACH MARKSMAN 80101HzVqvYXz6g13Bull CalfHe's wide, long, has a good structure, and a light birth weight.
15LAUBACH JUMBO 8038dbNbTkxm3fM14Bull CalfJumbo cross with Oscar - he will make for easy calving and bigger growth calves.
16LAUBACH OSCAR 8159WPoiitHaJlo15Bull CalfLight birth weight, thick made bull with a lot of natural muscling.
17LAUBACH SPARTACUS 80349WEBTt6H1Cw16Bull CalfExceptional growth, with great carcass.
18LAUBACH JUMBO 8054H8Z2Ifx6PYo17Bull CalfHe comes from a cow sired by Forster Challenger - one of Ken's top producing.
19LAUBACH PARAMOUNT 8186ouTyXNmOvuI18Bull CalfGreat growth calf with a lot of performance.
20LAUBACH JUMBO 80371sMTQo9d4Wg19Bull CalfClean fronted, with natural length.
21LAUBACH JUMBO 8021yWLYXj2svAk20Bull CalfDeep, lengthy, and thick.
22LAUBACH HIGHLAND 8070Y5_SLII_eWU21Bull CalfThick, wide top bull. Should have good maternal instincts - high percentiles in milk and stayability.
23LAUBACH PARAMOUNT 8087IGHo3xWmGBA22Bull CalfA real strong topped, smooth made calf, with plenty of thickness. This Feddes Vacate dam, is one of our top producers.
24LAUBACH OSCAR 8160BgWsqOXqLzM23Bull CalfA lighter birth weight bull, out of a very productive dam.
25LAUBACH JUMBO 8066ykIAbFi_ZeQ24Bull CalfSingle digit growth numbers - he is a pet.
26LAUBACH OUT WEST 8110Bc792u3Hiy025Bull CalfGood carcass Out West calf, his Grand Dam Red, is one of our original cows from Redlands.
27LAUBACH OSCAR 8163ZswIIQ2SjJk26Bull CalfCRSF Future Direction 9142, and Fischer Oscar 247 were both top producing sires for us. This bull has a big rib shape that carries into a wide top.
28LAUBACH ENDURANCE 8164X4eD3gKUwmY27Bull CalfNice looking, light birth weight bull - he's one of the few Red Endurance bulls we have.
29LAUBACH OUT WEST 81736xlnbF-NkXs28Bull CalfThis bull has a light birth weight - he's even from front to back.
30LAUBACH PLEDGE 8178fEQk8l0ztys29Bull CalfHe's top in his GM and excellent carcass.
31LAUBACH JUMBO 8012wRAkfcnreqM30Bull CalfBig hip, carries natural muscling throughout.
32LAUBACH HIGHLAND 8154snPL8Y2EhNc31Bull CalfHe's even on his feet and legs, smooth sided, and is in the top percentiles of HB and stayability.
33LAUBACH SPARTACUS 8032TqWzGYfogqs32Bull CalfA smooth made bull, is top in his GM, and in the top percentiles in his growth.
34LAUBACH PARAMOUNT 8132MOzzy80KIIQ33Bull CalfModerate frame, with exceptional numbers in HB and GM.
35LAUBACH OSCAR 8108Bu7dNav4C7iQ34Bull CalfA dark, heavy muscled, moderate framed bull.
36LAUBACH DEEP END 8022Rm_JRxUOOTo35Bull CalfThick, heavy muscled Deep End calf with great numbers.
37LAUBACH HIGHLAND 8119TMcyUM0PJfo36Bull CalfDeep cherry red bull, straight and level across his top with a lot of natural length.
38LAUBACH MAXIMUM 8175phOtOSFYIWA37Bull CalfA thick, wide made, smooth bull, with an even set of EPD's.
39LAUBACH MARKSMAN 80264-ORsyZnOYc38Bull CalfHe's dark, light birth weight, with a lot of middle to him.
40LAUBACH PARAMOUNT 8075kVCdm-o4lhA39Bull CalfThis bull stands on a strong base - he's got nice feet and legs.
41LAUBACH OUT WEST 81330zA687z3RJY40Bull CalfBig framed, powerful bull - his grand dam McPhee Heiress came from BET ON RED.
42LAUBACH DEEP END 8057hYYzdnAEQM041Bull CalfHe's got good carcass, GM, and growth - a dark cherry red bull.
43LAUBACH OUT WEST 8111jOPmIuZ3uTY42Bull CalfLong, clean front with moderate birth, and good growth.
44LAUBACH PARAMOUNT 8146QnbrvW28gkQ43Bull CalfSingle digit growth numbers on EPD's - he's long and clean made.
45LAUBACH HIGHLAND 371GEw8XB_bNOk44Bull CalfOriginates from the Larkaba cow family, some of our early bloodlines.
46LAUBACH JUMBO 81671t2Y44U8TFo45Bull CalfDeep cherry red.
47LAUBACH JUMBO 8045pG3-X3XPrJk46Bull CalfDark red, long, and eye catching.
48LAUBACH JUMBO 8115hm8Id_M3u2Q47Bull CalfThis bull is big boned, he's got a good structure throughout.
49LAUBACH OUT WEST 8166zWqftA-ueAk48Bull CalfBig sided, long-bodied bull.
50LAUBACH JUMBO 8155DN3mB-fyqXg49Bull CalfA long, smooth made bull with EPD's in the single digits.
51LAUBACH JUMBO 8050dXCq6Vf17S450Bull CalfA dark red, wide topped bull with an even set of numbers.
52LAUBACH OUT WEST 81894wJ70xI6NdA51Bull CalfHe has even EPD's throughout.
53LAUBACH MARKSMAN 80066QZSN8_7O7M52Bull CalfHe is a light birth weight bull, with some growth.
54LAUBACH PARAMOUNT 8130ubmdxuio6rc53Bull CalfLight birth weight bull. His grand sire Cherokee Squall was a great calving ease bull.
55LAUBACH OUT WEST 81184DbTRN_fVx854Bull CalfA wide-fronted, big based bull, with calving ease.
56LAUBACH PARAMOUNT 81765mZszULbkAI55Bull CalfDeep, thick bull. He comes from an excellent Dam.
57LAUBACH JUMBO 8135eWNU6C7VH6456Bull CalfA cherry red, moderate framed, light birth weight bull.
58LAUBACH HIGHLAND 8149cx8XaEyFF4057Bull CalfWide front, big ribbed bull out of one of our top producing cows.
59LAUBACH JUMBO 8147NwXH8Xr1A3I58Bull CalfGMRA Minotauro, was a top producing sire for Ken, that made highly maternal females. He's straight across his top , smooth fronted, and dark red.
60LAUBACH OSCAR 8103hEEsQbkrOlI59Bull CalfA lighter birth weight, moderate framed, and thick from front to back.
61LAUBACH HIGHLAND 537H-vU7kmFhHc60Bull CalfDepth of rib on good feet and legs.
62LAUBACH PLEDGE 81956h9OqhQPqZw61Bull CalfOne of our youngest bulls in the sale, but don't let him fool you - he's dark red, top 1% in weaning and yearling, with a lot of growth.
63LAUBACH PARAMOUNT 8134_p2bjnyqVLc62Bull CalfLight birth weight, small framed calf - comes from a great Estonia cow family.
64LAUBACH OUT WEST 8193brOu6t1YxPQ63Bull CalfEven made bull, true on his feet and legs - comes from a solid producing dam.
65LAUBACH BLACK 8170pRcL0oLA_tE64Bull CalfThis guy is out of our registered cow, but he is sired by the neighbor's bull, so therefore he is black.
66LAUBACH DINA ROSE 7199YCACDN78EKg65Bred HeiferAI'd safe to Laubach Impressive due 1/18 with a bull calf.
67LAUBACH ROSE 70710n4a5cR5Rr066Bred HeiferPasture exposed to BB & CC due 3/15 sex unknown.
68LAUBACH ELEANOR 7041FcsTtQmDlGg67Bred HeiferAI'd safe to Leland Marksman 6629 due 1/18 with a heifer calf.
69LAUBACH JUANA 7177jdvLJn1H6pk68Bred HeiferAI'd safe to Leland Marksman 6629 due 1/18 with a heifer calf.
70LAUBACH HEIRESS 7075AimUwnOhuOY69Bred HeiferAI'd safe to Leland Marksman 6629 due 1/18 with a heifer calf.
71LAUBACH BLACKCAP 7053Cd5yoGpjQp470Bred HeiferAI'd safe to Leland Marksman 6629 due 1/18 with a heifer calf.
72LAUBACH ROSE ANN 7135DFqSIF1ZztQ71Bred HeiferPasture exposed to BB & CC due 2/9 with a bull calf.
73LAUBACH BECKY 7078NebaOJlol2872Bred HeiferPasture exposed to BB & CC due 3/6 sex unknown.
74LAUBACH AUBREE 70837V_DEynHMF073Bred HeiferAI'd safe to Leland Marksman 6629 due 1/18 unknown sex.
75LAUBACH COLLEEN 7136gfm9uKXJiy474Bred HeiferAI'd safe to Leland Marksman 6629 due 1/18 with a heifer calf.
76LAUBACH DARLING 7096MUB4CaAdBQA75Bred HeiferAI'd safe to Laubach Impressive 3025 due 1/18 with a bull calf.
77LAUBACH PRECIOUS 7114w37oCxU0ids76Bred HeiferAI'd safe to Leland Marksman 6629 due 1/18 with a bull calf.
78LAUBACH SUSIE 7152H_zk-NeYmro77Bred HeiferAI'd safe to Laubach Impressive 3025 due 1/18 with a heifer calf.
79LAUBACH GOLDEN BELL 7132CS0uWz0Tl4Z478Bred HeiferPasture exposed to BB & CC due 3/1 with a heifer calf.
80LAUBACH KOOT 7010djftiIn9zkc79Bred HeiferAI'd safe to 3C Cherokee Squall 04W due 1/18 with a bull calf.
81LAUBACH JOAN 7115W0L6dNJr7J080Bred HeiferPasture exposed to BB & CC due 2/14 with a bull calf.
82LAUBACH QUEEN ANISE 7068F6f7JgdecOM81Bred HeiferAI'd safe to Leland Marksman 6629 due 1/18 with a heifer calf.
83LAUBACH DORITA 7090oVWntiFspJk82Bred HeiferPasture exposed to BB & CC due 2/4 with a bull calf.
84LAUBACH FLINT 8002htPhDPzM6-I83Heifer Calf
85LAUBACH ROYAL LADY 8129WAqIKkZX9lo84Heifer Calf
86LAUBACH PAPRIKA 81658CAFW5m5hsY85Heifer Calf
87LAUBACH ESTONIA 8199Hhuo6Iis8g886Heifer Calf
88LAUBACH PRECIOUS 8145dofEErrBcIc87Heifer Calf
89LAUBACH DINA ROSE 8206hvo4PeStG2Y88Heifer Calf
90LAUBACH MS FLINT 8211BBbl3QSduXk89Heifer Calf
91LAUBACH IMPRESS 8126ON0cWCMgZz490Heifer Calf
93LAUBACH ROSE 8201H6pD3B62ykU92Heifer Calf
94LAUBACH JOAN 8184ScHE1CP_2es93Heifer Calf
95LAUBACH ESTONIA 8162w5rQZAfyvZA94Heifer Calf
96LAUBACH LAKOTA 8008YYZe71iy86g95Heifer Calf
99LAUBACH JOAN 8031CYNVAuJo9f898Heifer Calf
101GOLDEN BELL 8114aqvQ8cInbFI100Heifer Calf
102COMMERCIAL HEIFER CALF_JWhl42Usqo101Heifer Calf
103LAUBACH LAKOTA 8143nMxQOjZjwwU102Heifer Calf
105LAUBACH XANADU 8220neJxyhWWXWc104Heifer Calf
106LAUBACH ESTHER 8156QeXf8DsCdcs105Heifer Calf
107LAUBACH PRISCILLA 809050Ot2Dycmac106Heifer Calf
109COMMERCIAL HEIFER CALF_QslfvdggF0108Heifer Calf
110LAUBACH WILLOW 83_oLW7IHZgaM109Heifer Calf
112LAUBACH CELESTE 8083wOj3oP1uxmQ111Heifer Calf
113LAUBACH SIS 8047PERs1KmovLg112Heifer Calf
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