Like It Like That Red Angus Sale

March 10, 2018
Midland Bull Test Facility; Columbus, MT

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2LIKE IT PROFIT BUILT IN 7200yt7Oj4H3-rA13612203• Profit Built In is just that, all the profit is built in just waiting for someone to take advantage and see the dollars come in. He has it all: moderate frame, deep sided, thick hipped. His individual data is an astounding 65 lb. birth weight, 106 weaning ratio, 106 yearling ratio. His EPD rankings move him further up the chain. Great spread -4.4 top 10% to 120 yearling weight top 5%, herd builder, grid master, stay, marble, all top 1%. Top 5% CED and Yearling Weight. His pedigree is a who’s who with Takeover, P707, and Berry Cherry. Dam, Lana Z2 has earned a 103.64 MPPA. If you are looking for a new herd sire, don’t pass up this promising young sire.
3LIKE IT ENHANCEMENT 7221xnVKZGJPjh423762049• Enhancement 7221 has it all, pedigree sire Brown Premier mated to the very popular Lakota maternal line. The number one bull for weaning and number one bull for yearling. All starting with a 77 pound birth weight. Calving ease with growth. Top 10% for CED and top 1% for CEM. Top 1% for grid master and marbling. Top end spread bull: -3.9 birth weight to 120 yearling weight and top 17% for stay. His daughters should be great producers that remain in the herd. Dam earned 106 MPPA. This very easily could be the top bull in the sale.
4LIKE IT HI LINER 7240jFE3a1OpAfU33762087• There is so much to say about Hi Liner 7240. A bull with a great profile and a bright future. Hi Liner may be the next great herd sire. A lead off son from the great LSF SRR Tyson, who sold for $105,000. Maternally he goes back to the Miss Sensation line. His dam Miss Sensation 301 has earned a 103.3 MPPA sired by the fantastic HXC Conquest. Top 1% for herd builder, yearling weight, stay, top 2% for grid master and weaning weight. His grand dam has great outcross genetics with Future Direction on top, EXT on bottom, add to this great genetic line up with high ranking EPD’s. Hi Liner has the makeup of a smooth shoulder, narrow muzzle, very long backed, to easily calve a few more pounds on birth weight.
5LIKE IT LEADER 7315q5F3v6na6VQ43762329• Leader is properly named, he leads the offering of this group of bulls. 13 traits in the top 25%, 8 of those in the top 10%, top 2% for birth weight and heifer pregnancy. Top 1% for herd builder, grid master and stay. Calving ease bull with great carcass value and maternal traits. Check out the spread: -6.9 birth weight to 107 yearling weight. An early March calf keeping up with contemps 45 days older. His sire Brown Premier and grand sire LSF Takeover are both multi trait leaders. Maternally he goes back to the Dory Jiba line which my good friends, Dave and Emily Larson, started and were very high on. Take a good look at this up and coming sire.
6LIKE IT STATS 7213EgFIuRWiOgBc53612265• If you are looking for an exclusive heifer bull with explosive growth, look no further than Stats 7213E. 73 pound actual birth weight to adjusted 703 weaning weight. With 104 weaning ratio and 109 yearling ratio. Genetically, sire Brown BLW Statistician is a who’s who in the well-known bloodline. Maternally, goes back to the famed Rebella line that has treated Raislands so well. His dam Rebella 221 is home raised and sets near the top with a 106.29 MPPA. If you like trait rankings then look at these 13 traits in top 25%, 6 of those top 10%. Stats 7213E feeds well and is easy fleshing if you are looking for a balanced herd sire, take a long look at this bull.
7LIKE IT DEFENDER 7202EuGOJzc0u0PI63612215• If you look up meat wagon in the dictionary you would see Defender 7202E pictured there. Maybe the deepest sided bull in our offering, very balanced, above average EPD’s. 8 traits in top 20%, 2% grid master, 4% marble, 8% herd builder and CED. An ET son of an up and coming young cow from the great Abigrace maternal line. 77 pound birth weight, 724 adjusted 205, and 1109 adjusted yearling weight. Defender 7202E is a little short eared but hears just fine. He has the pedigree, numbers and stature to lead any sale.
8LIKE IT HI LINE GOLD 7234xkHi_JT2ryM73762069• Hi Line Gold has jumped through all the hoops and came out on top. 112 WW ratio, on test daily gain 4.21, very balanced EPD. 7 traits in top 16%, 5 top 1%. 7234 Gold is the son of the $150,000 Platinum who is showing lots of promise in his first calves. Dam Kima on her first year produced this stud and has acquired a 104.8 MPPA. Maternally he goes back to a long line of great matrons.
9LIKE IT PROFIT BUILDER 72954fjz0fqI6D083762275• Profit Builder 7295 is a great combination of growth, carcass and phenotype. 7 traits in the top 25%. One of the top gaining bulls on test. Will produce great male calves and keeper kind of female calves.
10LIKE IT OVERTAKE 7252bJ9-6Bny3Q093762133• Calving ease with growth. 77 lb. actual birth weight. 105 weaning ratio, 106 yearling ratio. 6 traits in top 20%, including -7.0 BW and top 1%, 106 stay, 2% herd builder. Great Overtake son coming from the ever popular Dory Jiba maternal line. Calving ease with growth and pedigree.
11LIKE IT PROFIT BUILDER 7215E61HdprDBlH8103612275• Light birth weight and growth. A great Profit Builder son arising from the great Rebella maternal line. 4 traits top 1% of the breed, herd builder grid master, stay, marbling, 7 in top 25%. Great spread -3.2 birth weight to 119, high end carcass merit.
12LIKE IT STATS 7212EkyIhbJeOu9g113612261• Extra length back, carries it well • High ratio bull with a 108 weaning, 110 yearling • 10 traits top 25%
13CRSF REDEMPTION 70Z4bYaZD-Vpg123627821• Light birth weight, high growth • 11 traits top 25% • -4.3 birth to 111 yearling
14LIKE IT ICON 7298ge9PZcKac5s133762285• Icon, 1st Legend son in offering • Dam very broody Tyson daughter • Tyson offspring working exceptionally well • 9 traits top 25%
15LIKE IT TYSON 7256kKiH1u9RnM4143762149• Above average for growth • 2% herd builder, 4% grid master • Would make really good females
16LIKE IT PREMIER 7314W3pwD5m3qiM153762327• Early March calf with growth. Kept up with older contemps • ET son from top donor Cover Girl 313.
17LIKE IT TYSON 73034KLu1538yAo163762265• Very attractive bull • Maternal grand sire Norski 423 was a mating of Norseman King and the late great Flo-Marie 185 • Should be a fantastic female producer
18LIKE IT HI LINE 7239qrbogT0yEEU173762083• Top 5 kind of bull • Birth weight, growth and marbling • Great Crystal maternal line MPPA 105
19LIKE IT LEGEND 7214EyD8UihNQZlQ183612267• Great balance here • 3% for herd builder • 1% Stay, 7% Marb
20LIKE IT TYSON 7402lMz2QLiI2PM193762251• Great calving ease Tyson son • 75 lb. BW, 107 Weaning ratio • 11 traits 19% or higher – 5 top 1% • Dam MPPA 102.80
21LIKE IT TYSON 7401BKQ_uecu_ws203612209• Sleep at night calving ease bull • Great maternal Crystal Line • Top 4% Stay and Marb
22LIKE IT PLUTONIUM 7227EtCrty-98nEg213612181• Kind of a neat outcross pedigree on bottom • MGS Future Direction 7303 • Dam Miss Sensation 102.31 MPPA
23LIKE IT SENSATIONAL 7269YQoRBRhJjJE223762191• Very balanced in both phenotype and EPD
24LIKE IT BIG SHOT 7259u00uzo_BJB0233762155• Cow bull • Great growth and carcass numbers • Top 9% marbling 3% REA • Top 1% weaning, top 3 % yearling
25LIKE IT LEGEND 7205Eftphb0gzqyI243612237• 7 traits top 25% or better • Interesting maternal pedigree
26LIKE IT TAKE BACK 7299HG2-X3QSAlE253762289• Great ET son • 11 traits top 22% or better • Top 1% herd builder, grid master, stay and marbling
27LIKE IT GAME PLAN 7217Ez-s_dOYlMIE263612173• Over the top calving ease, 65 lb. BW, -7.5 EPD • 11 traits top 1% or better • Easy calving, above average growth and carcass also
28LIKE IT STATS 7251pKf6ZCMiOXw273762127• Tops for all relative traits • 1% Herd Builder, Stay, 3% CED
29LIKE IT TYSON 7275wU_nWHvsL_c283762213• Smooth made bull with all the whistles and bells • Extremely balanced in EPD make up
30LIKE IT BEEF 4 DINNER 723020ixzWbO2Lg293762059• Moderate framed with lots of meat • Low birth weight
31LIKE IT PROFIT 7216EKRISUItzgFI303612169• Profit Builder son with great ratios • 75 lb. BW, 109 weaning and yearling ratios • Great spread bull: -2.1 BW – 132 YW • Dam 105 MPPA
32LIKE IT PROFIT BUILDER 7204EEwg0oIpFjUw313612231• Profit Builder sons continue to impress • Great calving ease potential • 64 lb. actual BW, -5.5 BW EPD
33LIKE IT TAKEDOWN 7243R7Pqds7EnS8323762101• Sire, Takedown is home raised • Moderate birth, above average in most traits
34LIKE IT SENSATIONAL 72455NuKNxfqnjE333762109• High on growth • Weaning 105, Yearling 110 • An all-around good bull
35LIKE IT LEGEND 7220EB1QqIzuZW_0343612199• 103 weaning ratio, 102 yearling ratio • Unique pedigree on material side. Dam MPPA 102
36LIKE IT STATS 7232En2aqQuK_IM353762065• Top 3% for weaning, top 1% for yearling • Dam 102 MPPA
37LIKE IT BACKSTRAP 7248bgnvlPG3AN4363762119• Typical Beef 4 Dinner son • Exhibits plenty of meat and middle
38LIKE IT TOP DOG 7311zv6TFNcBgB0373762321• Cannot go wrong with a Tyson son • ET calf, take anywhere you want to go • Dam MPPA 106
39LIKE IT BEEF 4 DINNER 7261KJzie9vrNrc383762163• Beef 4 Dinner met his demise • Last year to offer sons • 108 weaning ratio
40LIKE IT TAKEDOWN 7265DBUTccOvA-Y393762179• Did real well on feed test • Moderate BW, big growth • Great carcass numbers
41LIKE IT PLATINUM 7317ad-ckENJ27U403762337• A very nice Platinum ET son • Dam MPPA 105 • Almost ½ way thru the sale, look at this young stud
42LIKE IT DEFENDER 7327Srjv6y9goUA413762367• Typical Defender son, lots of meat • Donor dam, Crystal 467 is a very stylish Conquest daughter
43LIKE IT TYSON 72557jGnb3Dd4ik423762147• Bull the cowboys are sure to like • Dam from the ever popular Dory Jiba maternal line
44LIKE IT TYSON 7250pKLcwcb9Pi4433762125• If looking for a few bulls, buy a package of Tyson sons • Tyson stamps his sons all the same
45LIKE IT PROFIT BUILDER 72547E18FsWWc9k443762139• Extra moderate • Plenty of depth
46LIKE IT STATS 7268OAhhogBEQfc453762187• 106 weaning ratio
47LIKE IT MANZO 7274foaDrRoeVJ4463762205• Great bull for thinking commercial program • Maternal line Lakota is known for great matrons
48LIKE IT OVERTAKE 7281gaYnJXWkSkc473762223• 68 lb. actual BW wt. – 108 weaning ratio – 105 yearling ratio • Big time spread: -5.5 – 115 • Calving ease with power
49LIKE IT PLATINUM 7284W_W9k6dTEOg483762237• The sale order person missed this one • Growth, moderate BWT and carcass • Ratios 108 weaning, 111 yearling
50LIKE IT PLATINUM 7296jkfBEsLEQWs493762281• Bull well suited for cows • 9 traits 17% or better
51LIKE IT PREMIER 7218Enp_DBPYdgEM503612177• Calving ease deluxe • 77 lb. BW, -4.0 BW EPD • Very balanced in EPD traits • Straight top line, thick, very correct in type
52LIKE IT PLATINUM 7253QtCMXY2v4rY513782123• Great Dory Jiba maternal line • 11 traits 17% or better • Top 1% for Grid, WW, YW, HPG
53LIKE IT STATS 7238VuApoc-8fQA523762081• Surprise, Surprise • Calving ease with growth • Spread -5.2 BWT – 128 YW • Low birth weight, high growth ratios
54LIKE IT HI LINER 7266QlhE6EuHGEU533762181• Very nice Overtake son • Great calving ease • Should make great females
55LIKE IT HI LINE BEEF 7270-ZRg38Bn_38543762193• Thick made
56LIKE IT LEGEND 7225KCbAch-kWgA553762363• This should be the buy of the sale • Calving ease with growth • 62 actual BW, 115 WW ratio, 116 YW ratio
57LIKE IT BEEF 4 DINNER 7219EBJRWhDD0cME563612197• Moderate birth • Above average growth • Extra thick – A+ rib capacity
58LIKE IT DINNER TIME 7228E-dpUG53QGmw573612273• Plenty of rib and meat • Good solid bull
59LIKE IT RED DEFENDER 7226EBUOZE1GEIiE583612179• Moderate birth • Great carcass • Donor dam, Crystal: 105 MPPA
60LIKE IT LEGENDARY 7276slf3dM-y_X4593762215• -4.4 BW EPD, top 12% CED • 105 weaning ratio • If you missed out on a Statistician son, here is your chance
61LIKE IT LEGEND 7242airHsYBPmkE603762099• 6 traits 20% or better • 2% stay, 1% for marbling
62LIKE IT TYSON 7249WU0ru7VoRRA613762121• Good balance
63LIKE IT TYSON 7279uUK15IS9a4U623762219• Miss Sensational maternal has always impressed • Nice Tyson son that does everything right • Extremely dark hair coat
64LIKE IT LEGEND 7290HPQ3ChmD6wM633762271• Top 4% for herd builder, stay, marbling and milk • -5.5 BW EPD
65LIKE IT PROTEGE 7280qvof2UoDl6U643762221• Moderate birth weight, above average growth • Unique maternal pedigree, outcross genetics
66LIKE IT TYSON 7336wLjbWOCd3Os653762389• 76 lb. BW, 114 weaning ratio • Big spread -3.7 BW to 111 yearling • 1% for herd builder and stay • 12 traits top 23% or better
67LIKE IT PREMIER 73021M3nYu-r5Gs663762295• Donor dam from sought after Dory Jiba maternal line • BW top 4%, CED top 5%, CEM top 3% Marbling top 1% • Calving ease deluxe plus carcass
68LIKE IT TYSON 7320jbCs1wQMM7U673762345• 103 ratio weaning, 102 ratio yearling • Extremely balanced in his numbers • Dam great Flo-Marie maternal line
69LIKE IT SENSATIONAL 7207EercGxpee1sM683612245• 67 lb. actual birth weight • Calving ease built in • Interesting pedigree on bottom
70LIKE IT LEGEND 7208EY3HulQMxQ1o693612247• Great Crystal maternal line. Mike’s favorite. • 10 traits 23% or better • 5 star calving ease
71LIKE IT BEEF 4 DINNER 7209EBZkAQxRJe54703612251• 4% marbling, 2% for REA • Moderate framed meat wagon
72LIKE IT STATS 7229oiJphqLJqGs713762057• 8 traits 23% or better • Built to be calving ease • 71 lb. actual BW, -5.7 BW EPD
73LIKE IT STATS 7231EM1QUcoFBk0723762063• Looking for an all night heifer bull, here he is • CED top 3%, Marb top 4%
74LIKE IT PROFIT DRIVEN 7301DRbNun-juIA733762293• Heavier birth weight, for cows only • High growth • 10 traits in top 24%
75LIKE IT PLATINUM 7331BHaWnyOWBnY743762379• 65 lb. BW, 105 weaning ratio • Light birth, heavy growth • Top 12% BW, 12% WW, 10% YW
76LIKE IT DINNER BELL 7233aVgrYXJq8jg753762067• Typical Beef 4 Dinner son, loaded with meat • Very balanced
77LIKE IT BEEF 4 DINNER 7241dIzR6lmy3ps763762095• 1% for Marb • 2% for REA
78LIKE IT SENSATIONAL 72464468y7fTYYQ773762111• 4% for Marb • 14% for REA
79LIKE IT PLATINUM 7257T2vmLiz99gY783762151• Big time growth • 6% WW, 3% YW • 12% Marb, 4% REA
80LIKE IT TYSON 7278ybUEOUdlR2s793762217• Calving ease 78 lb. BW, -6.1 BW EPD • Tyson sons are long spined and smooth shouldered
81LIKE IT HARD BARGIN 7235kmjw4D6IWY4803762071• 73 lb. BW, -3.2 BW EPD • Marb top 8%, REA top 2%
82LIKE IT TAKE DOWN 7283NvUiZNUEKuY813762235• Light birth, rapid growth • -3.0 BW to 112 YW • Top 4% for Marb, top 2% REA
83LIKE IT TAKE BACK 72976dlAIdUMo9A823762283• This bull has done everything right • Moderate birth weight, rapid growth • Come back to the sale
84LIKE IT REDEMPTION 7300s3vA7ENAGso833762455• Very good numbered bull • One of few Redemption sons • Dam, 106 MPPA
85LIKE IT SENSATIONAL 7332DKtOmj7O0ys843762457• Calving ease • Top 1% for Marb and REA
86LIKE IT BEEF 4 DINNER 7263k0Y0bNnLAEk853762173• Light birth • Great carcass numbers
87LIKE IT BEEF 4 DINNER 7267ZCwavDuE4zk863762183• Heifer bull
88LIKE IT BEEF 4 DINNER 7272RBuEFcn1-s0873762201• 6 traits 18% or better
89CRSF SPITN IMAGE 74GFI1IWqP9Gg883627865• One of the youngest bulls in the offering • Built like a block
90LIKE IT SENSATIONAL 7319ZrXi70u1dVc893762343• 8 traits in top 21% • Marb top 9%, REA top 2%
91LIKE IT LEGEND 7222VtjSIfTn-N4903762051• Top 1% for herd builder • Top 1% for Stay and Marb • 15% for REA
92LIKE IT TAKE DOWN 7338wpVuuujcXrk913762397• Youngest bull in the offering • 75 lb. BW • 108 Weaning ratio, 111 Yearling ratio
93LIKE IT TYSON 7333VM3qZ-R5fG892Commercial• This bull sells as a pure bred bull, no papers • Actual birth 74 lbs. adjusted WW 858
94LIKE IT LEGEND 7206EEDvfgHIuWl093Commercial• This bull sells as a pure bred bull, no papers • Actual birth 84 lbs. • 103 WW, 112 YW
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