Sandhill Red Angus

March 5th - 2019
Sidney Livestock Market Center - Sidney, MT

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1NameVideoLot #SexNotesPicture
2SRJJ HARVESTOR 8079Gv8klX0gYGg1Yearling Bull8079 is one of the best Harvestor’s we have raised. He is as long and stout as we can make them. His dam X75 has done a awesome job for us and she still looks great while being bred up first cycle. 8079 is the type of bull that will add pounds and also make great females.
3SRJJ HARVESTOR 8070u6PJLVi9tgc2Yearling Bull8070 has been a standout since the day he was born. Out of a promising young cow that is dark cheery red and picture perfect. One of the heaviest calves at both weaning and yearling. 8070 is the type we strive to produce. I haven’t seen a son of Harvestor look more like his sire than this calf.
4SRJJ RUNAWAY 8044fORbKlgv3HQ3Yearling BullIn my opinion this is by far the best Runaway calf to sell. He is as powerful as we can make one out of a beautiful young cow. His grand dam is still in production and has a great udder. 8044 has 8 EPDs in the top 16% of the breed. What is even better is that he looks the part. Here is a bull that will catch the eye of lots of good cattlemen.
5SRJJ PACESETTER 8050oPUgct79Iy44Yearling Bull8050 is the most powerful son of pacesetter to sell. A big boned, long spined, heavy top bull that will produce sons that will push the scale down. We calved the first Pacesetter daughters last spring and you cannot find a bull that produces better females and udders.
6SRJJ WEIGHTOUT 8135ObGilkOM8Y45Yearling BullThis is the first calf out of Weight Out 6171 to sell. I don’t think we could start it out any better. We used a Harvestor son out of 8135s dam last year on our heifers. That is how highly we think of his dam A87. If you are looking for some fresh genetics that will flat work don’t miss out on these 6171 calves.
7SRJJ RUNAWAY 8117dRJ-A2a8PCQ6Yearling BullA true curve bending bull. I don’t believe I have ever seen a heifer bull with as much power and growth as 8117. This calf could have started the sale and been in the same pen as them herd bulls and you would never know the difference. With 12 EPDs in the top 36% of the breed. HEIFER BULL
8SRJJ RESOLUTE 8200RuvBXdCTUsM7Yearling Bull8200 has possibly been the best looking bull all summer. A heifer bull that will make cattle better. He is soft made with tons of middle. One of the true curve bending bulls where calves will come easy and still have loads of growth. HEIFER BULL
9SRJJ EXCLUSIVE 800324dxrt1HzTE8Yearling BullAnother 5047 son that came easy and never stopped growing. 5047 is the full brother to our lot one calf last year. He sold to Ron Fox in Turner, MT. We AI’d to some really good heifer bulls a year ago but 5047 has just flat outdone the competition. HEIFER BULL
10SRJJ PACESETTER 8054k4Lt86S-D5o9Yearling BullA moderate made Pacesetter son that is as thick as they come. If you like them easy doing this is the type of bull your looking for. I would expect awesome udders out of this bulls daughters also. HEIFER BULL
11SRJJ HARVESTOR 8112LadOHU4HDr010Yearling BullOne of my favorite heifer bulls in the whole sale. 8112 is a very stylish bull out of one of our best young cows. It is no mistake when you see these young cows out of Red Direction that just don’t miss. We sure do miss Red but he sure left his mark. HEIFER BULL
12SRJJ WEIGHTOUT 8141VYbZ_fznpjA11Yearling BullAnother Weight out son that will sire pounds. 8141 proved what he can do with a 105 WW and YW ratio. His damn W147 has proven herself over and over again. She is the sire of out 4204 herd bull and is still producing and looking as good as ever.
13SRJJ PACESETTER 8068Zw6WnzvX3j812Yearling Bull8068 is the type of bull that would work well on heifers for a year or two and then move on to the cows and not sacrifice anything. A big birth to wean spread bull that you will want to keep every daughter you get. We are getting ready to calve the second set of 491 daughters and are having a hard time faulting them.
14SRJJ WEIGHTOUT 8181KgojgqE7WD413Yearling Bull8181 is out one of out best old cows. If you are searching for a bull that will sire pounds 8181 don’t look any further. Look at his 118 WW Ratio and 111 YW ratio. We really have high hopes for this bull.
15SRJJ HARVESTOR 81181erai9-QkFQ14Yearling BullA moderate bull with loads of volume is how you would describe 8118. He is out of one of our best cow families, and they never miss. This mating was not made by mistake, make sure you save every heifer he sires.
16SRJJ PACESETTER 812240jLDFNCUCo15Yearling Bull
17SRJJ ROMEO 8123yrTtRPLf8H816Yearling Bull
18SRJJ ROMEO 8040bvqCrxUwDUw17Yearling BullModerate and stylish is how I would describe 8040. 8040 is a spitting image of his sire. HEIFER BULL
19SRJJ ECHO 80101P8BKhqYGGs18Yearling BullHEIFER BULL
20SRJJ PACESETTER 8052y_zfEibh7PE19Yearling BullHEIFER BULL
23SRJJ FRANCHISE 8021OxijQfzHFz022Yearling BullHEIFER BULL
24SRJJ WEIGHTOUT 8136Qt2mvHLn7pg23Yearling BullHEIFER BULL
26SRJJ HARVESTOR 8071q5p5P3nHPNY25Yearling Bull
27SRJJ MOONSHINE 8002CKBuPWvDZxM26Yearling Bull
28SRJJ PACESETTER 8045Mr_wAyU2wDk27Yearling Bull
29SRJJ HARVESTOR 8105PauZsAA8uuU28Yearling Bull
30SRJJ WEIGHTOUT 8160IXmhwTyO-Ic29Yearling Bull
31SRJJ HARVESTOR 8104dj32tWfPwLE30Yearling Bull
32SRJJ ROMEO 8140QT5aiUiqj4M31Yearling Bull
33SRJJ HARVESTOR 8129atRl_zsEnNU32Yearling Bull
34SRJJ WEIGHTOUT 8173P3iFYFIDT5w33Yearling Bull
35SRJJ PACESETTER 8097-xyJC00Bq8c34Yearling Bull
36SRJJ HARVESTOR 8182cU0krs0EdGY35Yearling Bull
37SRJJ WEIGHTOUT 8150enlgA2w_E2w36Yearling Bull
38SRJJ HARVESTOR 8067BsaBYNqRlxs37Yearling Bull
39SRJJ WEIGHTOUT 8193uIFoJP2nI7k38Yearling Bull
40SRJJ HARVESTOR 80861uYLoZ2C4Ew39Yearling Bull
41SRJJ WEIGHTOUT 8167zD1I4g2DAZE40Yearling Bull
43SRJJ HARVESTOR 8102oHrbyff91N842Yearling Bull
44SRJJ COOL 8037_20qyKb0JvM43Yearling BullHEIFER BULL
45SRJJ COOL 8036eIaAp5Nw-S444Yearling BullHEIFER BULL
46SRJJ ROMEO 8051C97-uhTlzNY45Yearling BullHEIFER BULL
47SRJJ PACESETTER 8092t4C9o2jX19A46Yearling BullHEIFER BULL
48SRJJ FRANCHISE 8007mEShz1WxB3847Yearling BullHEIFER BULL
52SRJJ COOL 8033HDNDggmMzj051Yearling BullHEIFER BULL
53SRJJ ROMEO 8148Y5jSptx6Quo52Yearling BullHEIFER BULL
5450 THREE YEAR OLD RED ANGUS COWS0tjCf2Ms8q01a3 YR OLD CowsHere is a rare chance to buy a set of cows with all the work done. These young cows come right off the top of our replacement program and are to calve March 20th for one cycle. All of the cows for sale here raised a calf last year. These young cows are bred to high power Sandhill Red Angus bulls. These cows will raise a great set of calves this year and for many more.
55150 RED ANGUS FIRST CALF HEIFER PAIRS0tjCf2Ms8q02a1st Calf Heifer PairsSelling pairs for April 15th to May 1st Delivery. All the pairs offered for sale will have AI calves out of SRJJ Ice Man 4047 at side. We will work with buyers in anyway possible to help with delivery and trucks. Sidney Livestock will collect 30% of the purchased price on the pairs and the other 70% will be paid at delivery.
5650 RED ANGUS BRED HEIFERS0tjCf2Ms8q03aBred HeifersAll these heifers were purchased from past bull customers and put into our bred heifer program. The heifers have been ultra sounded by High Plains Vet Clinic and grouped into one heat cycle. The heifers should start calving March 20th for twenty days. They were bred by Sandhill Red Angus calving ease bulls. They are easy fleshing, moderate framed, and of top quality. Selling gate cut of 5 or more.
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