Score Angus / Koss Angus

Feb. 21, 2018
Milk River Pavilion - Malta, MT

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1´╗┐NameVideoLot #ConsignorNotesPicture
2A1 - Score Titanium 703HsvQR431ESA69Score Angus
3A2 - Score Resolution 723cUnLucpknok70Score Angus
4A3 - Score 235 Fortunate 700gga2Bx4ZgSM71Score Angus
5A4 - JVC Cavalry 790t5R22jMoDQY72Score AngusRecommended on large framed heifers.
6A5 - Score Rainmaker 726wt8ZxJH3MxU73Score Angus
7A6 - Score Bonus 721xrY0P1OSniY74Score AngusRecommended for heifers, is a twin.
8A7 - Score Resource 741N_QRSshfRxo75Score Angus
9A8 - Score Commando 705e-ukLvPXIMg76Score AngusRecommended for heifers.
10A9 - Score Commando 707wYViaS-M2Lk77Score AngusRecommended for heifers.
11A10 - Score Emulation 7199BAPAcYAeBk78Score Angus
12A11 - Score Fortunate 720yYIjXj-a0Vo79Score Angus
13A12 - Score Chinnook 706qEX-MN1LNns80Score AngusIs a twin with Lot A20.
14A13 - Koss 703781Koss Angus
15A14 - Score Chinnook 745zTmy_pcz1XE82Score Angus
16A15 - JVC Commando E36YQy7tJ-c_7M83Score AngusRecommended for heifers.
17A16 - Score Rainmaker 716TkmbTMFkLjs84Score Angus
18A17 - Score Capitalist 738WVVOTeyqG_U85Score Angus
19A18 - JVC Aviator 760vN232avKW5A86Score AngusRecommended on large framed heifers.
20A19 - Score Bonus 744leZglznoJ5E87Score Angus
21A20 - Score Chinnook 715fFxGdwzAWO488Score AngusIs a twin with Lot A12.
22A21 - Score Bonus 737uWoVD8sLf-g89Score AngusRecommended for heifers.
23A22 - Score Com 747MJ1lgWvIluQ90Score Angus
24A23 - Score Rainmaker 71391Score Angus
25A24 - Score 405 Fortunate 729dX_cmETqAbk92Score AngusRecommended for heifers. Half brother is Lot A26.
26A25 - Score Chinnook 510RkJTGvovmeE93Score AngusThis bull was leased out and used on commercial heifers.
27A26 - Score Chinnook 509ozMjwSAlTMM94Score AngusHe was used on our own commercial cows. Half brother is Lot A24.
28A27 - Score Angus - 5 Commercial Heifers7wWz_NB6DZY95Score AngusFor the first time we are offering Commercial Heifers for sale. Come right out of the heart of the herd. They have been bangs vaccinated and are guaranteed open. Average Weight on 1/3/18 ..... 650#
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