Stars of Montana Female Sale

October 21st, 2017
Billings Livestock - Billings MT

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1NameVideoLot #SexConsignorPicture
2Basin Lucy 4240it6JvWyvXBk1Donor CowBasin Angus Ranch
3Basin Lucy 71463d0_8VceFJ42Heifer CalfBasin Angus Ranch
4Basin Lucy 6268KLo0aUsTFw43Bred HeiferBasin Angus Ranch
5Basin Lucy 1048L161umxYarQ4Donor CowBasin Angus Ranch
6Basin Lucy 1722InNcI10O0Xk5Donor CowBasin Angus Ranch
7Basin Joy 2015keYVj0gLkTM6Donor CowBasin Angus Ranch
8Basin Joy 2019CnjQAfxIT3g7Donor CowBasin Angus Ranch
9Gmar Comrade D761NvsQGSqny1U9Bred HeiferGreen Mountain Angus Ranch
10Gmar Rampage D200Vs__Srk8Z-Y10Bred HeiferGreen Mountain Angus Ranch
11Gmar Resource D150lGw2XmwWs7I11Bred HeiferGreen Mountain Angus Ranch
12Gmar Resource D088xqVoWlMl_2o12Bred HeiferGreen Mountain Angus Ranch
13Gmar Motive D056qCzw-LZYsBI13Bred HeiferGreen Mountain Angus Ranch
14Gmar Super Duty E024k6FzU3RtvKU14Heifer CalfGreen Mountain Angus Ranch
15ICC Barbara K 905-7410-Ja8Ha5Z63Y15Heifer CalfIdland Cattle Co.
16ICC SA Everelda Entense 7445E9ptHnHDQnU16Heifer CalfIdland Cattle Co.
17ICC Erica 4190 - Flush16nS8hCX9NY17Embryo FlushIdland Cattle Co.
18ICC Bon View Erica 9618 - Flush2JlJFwG7bi018Embryo FlushIdland Cattle Co.
19ICC Bon View Erica 9618-7436Ndyr81ByCjE18AHeifer CalfIdland Cattle Co.
20Basin Lady S532 AK0y3Sp3Pqq1M19Open CowIdland Cattle Co.
21ICC Lucy Y145-7448l0hRXCPejUM20AHeifer CalfIdland Cattle Co.
22ICC Lucy Y145-7426fhTdfrGrKQU20BHeifer CalfIdland Cattle Co.
23ICC Forever Lady 6317A507FFKOOhY21Bred HeiferIdland Cattle Co.
24ICC Blacklass 6360LXwgn-xHHi422Bred HeiferIdland Cattle Co.
25ICC Eisa Erica 6369xR5mNDUHY_A23Bred HeiferIdland Cattle Co.
26ICC Blackbird 2956HqebFdkeayg24Bred CowIdland Cattle Co.
27ICC Blackbird 2956-7453sCOCUUdlC1k24AHeifer CalfIdland Cattle Co.
28ICC Blackbird 29414Lbo53UyxxE25Bred CowIdland Cattle Co.
29ICC Blackbird 2941-7431aRrrP5DJ9lI25AHeifer CalfIdland Cattle Co.
30JVC Blackcap 64570EpPEfhum826Bred HeiferIdland Cattle Co.
31ICC Queen Kimberly 6352qrxB4pc7ftg27Bred HeiferIdland Cattle Co.
32ICC Everelda Entense 6331ehmMnEeS-Wo28Bred HeiferIdland Cattle Co.
33ICC Erica X16-7457rB2pibAz5oQ29AHeifer CalfIdland Cattle Co.
34ICC Erica X16-7458JRMFqC6XOuQ29BHeifer CalfIdland Cattle Co.
35ICC DDot Erica L40-7466Wa-wrTiNu_g30Heifer CalfIdland Cattle Co.
36ICC RI Ginger 306-748ssn7RxN7oj831Heifer CalfIdland Cattle Co.
37JVC Blackcap 7426xTp7m5Emr832Heifer CalfIdland Cattle Co.
38ICC Miss Wix 6350k2NahDVnIj833Bred HeiferIdland Cattle Co.
39SD Lady 6217 WMUQ4HAGA81M34Bred HeiferSplit Diamond Ranch
40SD Forever Lady 6073pB6qdnWD01A35Bred HeiferSplit Diamond Ranch
41SD Queen 6295sfcur0QbM_M36Bred HeiferSplit Diamond Ranch
42SD Blackcap 6339sJ3IwVH412w37Bred HeiferSplit Diamond Ranch
43SD Queen Mother 6293d0U_Vl0Dbzs38Bred HeiferSplit Diamond Ranch
44SD Primrose 6342ixXdb0hBERo39Bred HeiferSplit Diamond Ranch
45SD Enchantress 6363PCQodsOo16A40Bred HeiferSplit Diamond Ranch
46SD Heiress 6265j5DpSvd4NoE41Bred HeiferSplit Diamond Ranch
47SD Lady 6289UH2LUyrXa8k42Bred HeiferSplit Diamond Ranch
48SD Emma 5069gMj5jIF0UyY43CowSplit Diamond Ranch
49SD Emma 7130-fv_3cSKgsU43AHeifer CalfSplit Diamond Ranch
50SD Primrose 5141Ib0dhmbctAQ44CowSplit Diamond Ranch
51SD Primrose 7000kCw5v6xcJQs44AHeifer CalfSplit Diamond Ranch
52SD Karen 4076lyGECi24xdk45CowSplit Diamond Ranch
53SD Karen 71157OlhUG4oWhE45AHeifer CalfSplit Diamond Ranch
54SPA 617D of 6678 x TOD46Bred HeiferSioux Pass Angus
55Circle L Lady 100EWUSeLx9qXks47Heifer CalfCircle L Angus
56Circle L Erianna 138Eq_JNbuMzjWo48Heifer CalfCircle L Angus
57OCC Montana Dream 6365bq4ic2kUSo49Bred HeiferOlson Cattle Co
58OCC Montana Dream 645WR0TmGkGyxA50Bred HeiferOlson Cattle Co
59OCC Lucy 678yynEw1vWOPw51Bred HeiferOlson Cattle Co
60OCC Montana Dream 630i_xArRNMr0452Bred HeiferOlson Cattle Co
61OCC Lucy 660XFfeQIosMh453Bred HeiferOlson Cattle Co
62OCC Lucy 649LqNgcenvIA054Bred HeiferOlson Cattle Co
63M A R Treasure 1601 - Flush55Embryo FlushMalek Angus
64Rich Blackbird 475656Bred HeiferRich Angus
65Rich Lassie 399757Heifer CalfRich Angus
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