Veseth Cattle Co.

February 20th - 2019
Milk River Pavilion - Malta, MT

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1´╗┐NameVideoLot #GroupNotesPicture
2Lot 1 kCZOVaKTTf41Group 1 (High Performing Bulls)
3Lot 2QtKiBSV8cOo2Group 1 (High Performing Bulls)
4Lot 3EpJ0WqaRLBw3Group 1 (High Performing Bulls)
5Lot 4xnKyqXXs3j84Group 1 (High Performing Bulls)
6Lot 5LAg0VbovyIs5Group 1 (High Performing Bulls)
7Lot 6xM0YSnpozAM6Group 1 (High Performing Bulls)
8Lot 7rAu5uxcOwd07Group 2 (CE Simm. X Sire)
9Lot 8dRQuTSDgvcg8Group 2 (CE Simm. X Sire)
10Lot 9TOQMfZoYK049Group 2 (CE Simm. X Sire)
11Lot 10P45lG2XS9lo10Group 2 (CE Simm. X Sire)
12Lot 11JM-laluO1r811Group 2 (CE Simm. X Sire)
13Lot 120KyAzOPUkn412Group 2 (CE Simm. X Sire)
14Lot 13YAcEaLbK9jw13Group 2 (CE Simm. X Sire)
15Lot 15WRzOI4Kj0jM15Group 3 (CE Red Angus)
16Lot 16zd0qldHxEck16Group 3 (CE Red Angus)
17Lot 17vqUI5o9LzDA17Group 3 (CE Red Angus)
18Lot 18u-lGUvW0Yws18Group 3 (CE Red Angus)
19Lot 19eIbka7F70bY19Group 3 (CE Red Angus)
20Lot 208CTMuC7ySXY20Group 3 (CE Red Angus)
21Lot 2121Group 3 (CE Red Angus)
22Lot 22_P82Ntuntn022Group 3 (CE Red Angus)
23Lot 234DuqgB4G-Ms23Group 3 (CE Red Angus)
24Lot 24imZ4VD5MA5A24Group 3 (CE Red Angus)
25Lot 255I9lPnWAKbg25Group 3 (CE Red Angus)
26Lot 26-7ZsvoqR56Y26Group 4 (Maternal Legends)
27Lot 27HzVTkazEYyU27Group 4 (Maternal Legends)
28Lot 28ghNKLxs3Qm828Group 4 (Maternal Legends)
29Lot 29AJPYesiSxQU29Group 4 (Maternal Legends)
30Lot 30hgJsoWZe5_U30Group 4 (Maternal Legends)
31Lot 31Of7RjN3fKtM31Group 4 (Maternal Legends)
32Lot 32ehviFiotYJw32Group 5 (Composite Bulls)
33Lot 332BusSzWD36g33Group 5 (Composite Bulls)
34Lot 342iBgm-pDLto34Group 5 (Composite Bulls)
35Lot 35bEAnaIMJvY435Group 5 (Composite Bulls)
36Lot 36hwfj51GidO036Group 5 (Composite Bulls)
37Lot 37H5b_GGl0SAk37Group 5 (Composite Bulls)
38Lot 386jfUDzCaYkY38Group 5 (Composite Bulls)
39Lot 39UYwW08LNF0s39Group 5 (Composite Bulls)
40Lot 40X-WbA1cn-PE40Group 5 (Composite Bulls)
41Lot 411RTrfLuVVJg41Group 5 (Composite Bulls)
42Lot 42P3Zl4drA-CM42Group 5 (Composite Bulls)
43Lot 43Ep-ibCibcU843Group 5 (Composite Bulls)
44Lot 44-KWS8hk4dgY44Group 5 (Composite Bulls)
45Lot 45i8xswBtTcTg45Group 5 (Composite Bulls)
46Lot 46Le-CpFFTRco46Group 5 (Composite Bulls)
47Lot 47MDlA24l1xjk47Group 5 (Composite Bulls)
48Lot 48321A3RAiNF448Group 5 (Composite Bulls)
49Lot 496WSvG-5vjTs49Group 5 (Composite Bulls)
50Lot 50Ob0hOug9GWg50Group 5 (Composite Bulls)
51Martin Gladiator 800HsP8i7tcHUY82Group 6 (Heather Martin)
5215 Veseth Bred HeifersUiHcjLRSnbw83Group 7
5347 Veseth Bred HeifersUiHcjLRSnbw84Group 8
5470 Red Angus Heifer Calves8AkplDATIZk85Group 9
5515 Consigned Red Angus Heifer CalvesNK0At7rcew086Group 10 (Peigneux Bros Ranch)
5610 June Calving CowsLndXhXltE9A87Group 11
5735 Short Term Cows9AR872_Icf088Group 12
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